‘AEW Dynamite’ (3/3/21) Review And Results: Final Show Before ‘Revolution,’ Shaq Steps In The Ring, And More

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite took place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. This was the go home show for AEW Revolution. The headline match featured Cody Rhodes teaming up with Red Velvet taking on the in ring debut of Jade Cargil and her partner Shaquille O’Neal. Tully Blanchard steps back into the ring for the first time in years as he teams with FTR to take on Jurassic Express.

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The show kicked off with Cody Rhodes coming out to the ring for the mix tag team match. They show highlights of how the match came about over the past few months.

Shaquille O’Neal and Jade Cargil Defeated Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet

Doctors and officials checked on Shaq who was put through two tables during the match as they went to commercial.

As they came back, Shaq was loaded up into the ambulance truck. Tony Schiavone was going to ask about his condition until he opened the door to see Shaq missing on the stretcher.

Rey Fenix and Pac Defeated John Skylar and D3

Chris Jericho and MJF came out to the ring with the rest of the Inner Circle. Dasha was on the podium welcoming everyone to the press conference. Someone asked him a question but we couldn’t hear. Jericho talked about how it’s been one year since he lost the AEW title and it’s time he holds the title once again. He said he held tag titles with The Rock and The Big Show but it will be better with MJF. Conrad Thompson asked if Sammy Guevara will be back in the Inner Circle. They ask him to leave and yell at him. Brandon Walker from Barstool Sports asked why he attacked Papa Buck. MJF talked about Papa Buck attacking Jericho and it was out of self defense. MJF said he got his blood all over MJF’s suit. MJF says it’ll be nothing compared to how they handle The Bucks. Santana asks The Bucks if it was smart to bring their old man to Dynamite. Eric Bischoff asked Jericho if he knows the condition of Papa Buck and where does The Bucks coming after them with a vengeance rank. Jericho said they don’t care about Papa Bucks condition. The Young Bucks interrupt saying they didn’t know they would hurt their father and made it personal. They talked about how they taught us how to be men and how they taught us the things MJF and Jericho’s father failed them to teach them. They talked how their father built the ring in their backyard for them. They talked about how their DIY spirit created AEW and created The Young Bucks. They make mention to MJF being unemployed, living at home if no AEW show and Jericho being the curtain jerker for the Performance Center. They super kick MJF and Jericho. They brawl with the Inner Circle along with Brandon Cutler coming out to help The Bucks. The Good Brothers set up a table for The Bucks and they put Ortiz on there. Nick Jackson flies off the stage onto Ortiz through the table as well as Matt crashing through Santana through a table.

A video package for the Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega Barbed Wire Exploding Deathmatch is shown.  Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross describe how bloody and sadistic this match will be. Moxley says if this match will end his career, he wouldn’t imagine a better way to go out then that.

FTR and Tully Blanchard Defeated Jurassic Express

The masked man that helped FTR and Tully out during the match was revealed to be Shawn Spears. They celebrate with J.J. Dillon. Arn Anderson gave them the 4 Horseman signal.

Tony Schiavone was on the stage talking about AEW Dark: Elevation and introduces his guest and co host: Paul Wight. Tony welcomes him to AEW and the fans go crazy for them. Paul asked if they saw this turn coming. He said he is happy to be in AEW and how he is honored to be back on TNT. He said he will be color commentating on AEW Dark Elevation and Tony won’t be the only one with the big scoop. He reveals that AEW will sign a huge Hall Of Fame worthy talent and at Revolution they will find out who it will be.

A highlight package was shown of the Women’s Eliminator Tournament was shown as they show Ryo Mizunami advancing to the finals.

Ryo Mizunami Defeated Nyla Rose To Win The Women’s Eliminator Tournament and Challenge Hikaru Shida For The AEW Women’s Championship At Revolution

Hikaru presented her the trophy and shook her hand but then the two exchanged hard forearm shots to the head. Shida knocked her down with the strike and held up the title in front of her.

Tony Schiavone was in the ring and introduced Sting to the ring. Sting made his way out to the ring. Tony tells Sting that he never looked better and can’t wait for the Street Fight. Sting says that when Brian Cage powerbombed him, he shook off the rust and he feels like he is ready for a Street Fight. Ricky Starks came out to interrupt, saying last week Sting showed us that he still got it but he is no icon. Ricky slaps him. Sting attacks him in the ring and gives him a Stinger Splash. Sting put him in the Scorpion Death Lock in the middle of the ring. Hook came in the ring to try to choke out Sting but Sting fought him off. Cage attacked Sting and attempted a powerbomb but then Darby Allin came out for the save. Sting nailed Cage with the Stinger Splash and Darby knocked him down with a drop kick off the turnbuckle. Sting and Darby stood tall in the ring.

Max Caster Defeated Dark Order Member 10 To Qualify For The Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match

Matt Hardy was seen giving Jack Evans an envelope, paying Evans off for helping Caster win the match.

Miro appeared in a video promo saying he will have no choice but to bring destruction to Chuck Taylor for betraying him at Revolution.

Hangman Adam Page and John Silver Defeated Matt Hardy and Marq Quen


Hardy attacked Silver and Page from behind. Hardy beats Page with the microphone as he tells him he is going to take all the money he has at Revolution. The Dark Order came in to save Adam Page, attacking Hardy. All the tag teams that are competing in the Tag Team Casino Battle Royal at Revolution came out to brawl in the ring while Adam Page and Matt Hardy continue their fight. The show went off the air as the brawl continued to ensue.

Overall Review: This was a really good show with how this was all to sell us on buying AEW Revolution this Sunday. However, I think the booking was a bit questionable. The way the show opened and the way it ended should’ve been the other way around or at least end it with Sting and Darby’s brawl with Team Taz with a little more violence added to it. It surprised me that Cody Rhodes’ mixed tag match with Shaq, Jade Cargil and Red Velvet kicked off but I wasn’t complaining since it was a strong kick off maybe match of the night. For her first match, Jade was really good but she definitely has a lot of room to improve and that will come the more matches she has down the road. The spot with Austin Gunn attacking Shaq with a chair during the match was random and confusing. Why was that not a DQ?  I thought the match itself was entertaining and having Shaq and Jade win I thought was the right way to go. It wasn’t a perfect match but I did enjoy it. Shaq disappearing though? I don’t know about that but we’ll see where that goes. Jericho and MJF’s press conference along with The Bucks promo was a great way to build to their match at Revolution. The Bucks’ beat down on the Inner Circle was better than their promo though. Their promo about their father was good especially with the emotion they brought out of themselves but it kind of dragged a little bit. i think it would’ve been better if that was short and sweet. Tully Blanchard’s first match in years was cool. I thought it was also cool to see J.J. Dillon managing FTR which was really appropriate. The match itself wasn’t bad and I thought Tully was impressive for a man who hasn’t wrestled a match in a long time and for a man his age. I was really excited to see Paul Wight on AEW TV for the first time. Very bizarre to see him outside of WWE for the first time and I’m excited as well to hear who AEW will be signing at Revolution. The finals of the Women’s Eliminator Match was okay but I think they booked this tournament wrong. Nothing against Ryo Mizunami, she had a solid match with Nyla but I don’t see much excitement in her facing Shida for the title and I don’t expect a title change at Revolution. Sting’s promo and the brawl with Team Taz along with Darby Allin was cool too. Although, I think if they were to really sell the match, they should’ve had a little taste of the hardcore action to show what to expect for this match at the pay per view. Finally, like I said the 6 man tag main event with Hardy and Adam Page involved to build towards their match this Sunday should’ve been either the opening or at least earlier on in the first hour.

Grade: 6/10




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