‘AEW Dynamite’ Results (11/11): MJF Is Inducted in the Inner Circle, PAC Makes Return, More


November 11th’s episode of AEW Dynamite started off with Brian Cage vs. Matt Sydal. Sydal put up a good fight, but Cage was able to get the win by catching Sydal mid-air and hitting him with the Drill Claw.

       Winner: Brian Cage defeated Matt Sydal via pinfall

       After the match, Ricky Starks and Taz joined Cage in the ring. Starks says he is after the TNT championship and he won’t allow anyone to get in his way.

  *match did its job. Brian Cage looks like a beast and a force to be reckoned with. Ricky Starks is good on the microphone and he’s entertaining to listen to. Good segment.

Cody Rhodes comes out to the ring to talk about “rematches”. No, he isn’t talking about Darby Allin and the TNT championship. He is talking about MJF. A young lady enters the ring and interrupts Cody.  Her name is Jade Cargill and she has been scouting out the competition. She says Cody has been calling himself many things over the last few months, even “giant killer”. She says he will regret calling himself that, for there is a giant watching Cody. That giant, she reveals, is Shaq.

She goes to leave, but Brandi meets her on the ramp. After calling her several ugly names, Brandi warns Cargill to never talk to Cody like that ever again.

When the women leave, Brian Cage jumps Cody. Ricky Starks rolls in the ring as well and they double team Rhodes. Darby Allin comes in for the save and helps Cody get rid of Team Taz.

Walter Hobbs comes down as well to show he has their back as well.

 *This segment was interesting and entertaining enough, but it had too much going on. Cody has fifty five different angles and adversaries going on. Let’s minimize that down to one or two, there, AEW.

Jon Moxley talks about how it takes a special kind of person to beat Kenny Omega twice. He reveals that he is special and that he will get the job done.

    Jon Moxley will defend the AEW Championship against Kenny Omega on Dynamite December 2nd


Natural Nightmares vs. Butcher and the Blade in a Bunkhouse match is next.

(A bunkhouse match is nothing more than no DQ by the sound of it. Anything goes, only win by pinfall or submission)

Crazy match with a lot of action. A bullwhip, trashcan, chair, and a ladder were used. Blade got opened and blood was everywhere. The Bunny tried to help Blade on the apron of the ring, but ended up falling backwards through the table. The Natural Nightmares took the win.

    Natural Nightmares, Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall, defeated Butcher and the Blade via pinfall

*Weapon matches aren’t my thing, but it wasn’t too bad.


MJF and Wardlow will get inducted into the Inner Circle next.

Jericho is out first and he introduces MJF and Wardlow. MJF says he has been waiting for this for a long time. Ortiz interrupts and says he doesn’t want MJF in the Inner Circle and that he sees right through the charade.

Jericho says he know he and Sammy doesn’t want MJF in the IC, but it is what it is. Jericho made the match and the stipulation and MJF beat him. With MJF’s brain and Wardlow’s muscle, Inner Circle will be bigger and better.

MJF says they are a team. He celebrates Jericho’s birthday as well and gives everyone a ticket to Vegas to all the members.

*MJF is so entertaining. It looks as though Sammy and/or Ortiz will be first on his list to kick out. This is one of the most interesting angle on the show.

The Young Bucks say they will defend their titles against Top Flight next Week.

Shawn Spears vs. Scorpio Sky is next. Sky and Spears deliver chops to each other all over the ring and on the outside as well. After the break, Sky was able to hit Spears with a neckbreaker to gain the upperhand. He goes for the top rope, Spears charges, but Sky avoids by sliding to the outside. He grabs Spears by the legs and drags him out. Spears tries throwing Sky into the stairs, but he jumps it. However, Spears is finally able to get Sky down by slamming him on them.

Sky grabs Spears in the ring and puts on the sharpshooter. He has to break it. Tulley Blanchard causes a distraction while Spears loads his glove with a steal slug. He knocks out Sky for the win.

   Shawn Spears defeated Scorpio Sky via pinfall

*Good match. I like both of these guys and Blanchard played his part well.


Kenny Omega says he has heard all the whispers, where is “The Cleaner”? Where is the Kenny Omega of New Japan? He tells Jon Moxley and the world that he will resume that position. He reminds everyone that Moxley has never beaten him in a traditional match. He exclaims he will win.

*Decent promo from Kenny Omega. I’m a little confused on what he is. Is he a heel, is he face? It’s confusing.

Tay Conti vs. Red Velvet follows.

The two young girls put on a very competitive match. Anna Jay tried to help Conti cheat, but Conti refused to win like that. She got the pinfall on Red Velvet, proving she didn’t have to stoop that low.

       Tay Conti defeated Red Velvet via pinfall

*Good match for the girls on AEW. I really like these two.


MJF is “celebrating” with the Inner Circle in a backstage interview. Sammy Guevara appears, ticked off at MJF. He says he only got one email, saying to meet everyone at the beach. MJF swears he sent everyone the second email. Guevara doesn’t believe him, saying he only got the one. MJF hands Guevara his ticket to Vegas.

   *Good buildup. Sammy is definitely MJF’s first target in the Inner Circle.

Eddie Kingston says his loss to Moxley is something he will have to live with. He introduces the main event: Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero Miedo.

Penta gains control over Fenix. He tries to rip Fenix’s mask off at one point, then puts him in another hold to slow everything down. Fenix tries to fight back, hitting Penta with a hurricarana from the ropes. Fenix gets Penta back by ripping part of his mask as well and delivers a few shots to the head.

After a hard faught battle between two brothers, Penta picked up the win.

      Penta defeated Rey Fenix via pinfall

Eddie Kingston grabs a mic and tells Penta he doesn’t need his brother, he is dead weight. PAC makes his entrance and tells Eddie he has made a huge mistake and goes after Kingston. The officals try to keep them apart as AEW goes off air.

     *Amazing match between the Lucha Bros. Seeing PAC come out and go after Kingston was a good way to introduce this angle, too. Great way to close the show.






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