AEW ‘Dynamite’ Results (11/18): Inner Circle Parties in Vegas, Heel Turn, More:

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   The Young Bucks defeated Top Flight In A Non-Title Match

The Inner Circle is at Los Vegas. A lot of crazy things going on. They hit the tables, Wardlow and Hager stare holes in each other. MJF and and Jericho try to one up each other at the bar. They end up with straight everclear and instantly regret that decision. Sammy Guevara also tells MJF he hates him.

*Weird segment, but it continued the story.

Jon Moxley tells a story of his dad. He says he’s one of the good guys. Moxley also reveals him and Renee are expecting and he has a lot of going on.

Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy is next. Miro is on commentary.  OC is up to his usual shinanigans, but Sabian is not having it. With every bit of momentum Cassidy seeems to get, Sabian knocks him right back down. However, Kip hits OC with everything he has, but can’t put him away. Cassidy counters Sabian with a mousetrap for the win. After the match, Miro runs down and clobbers OC. The Best Friends try to save their friend, but Miro and Sabian escape.

   *Good enough match. I just wish Miro would get away from Kip Sabian.

Kenny Omega comes out for the contract signing for his and Moxley’s match on December 2nd. They announce Jon Moxley, but Moxley doesn’t come. They show footage from the back where Moxley has been attacked. Omega tells Moxley he won’t be able to get out of their match in two weeks and signs the contract.

   *The broom girls look dumb and they need to go. I do like the extended, arrogant introduction though of Omega. Subtle heel move from Kenny.

Inner Circle in Vega part 2. They are all drunk. “Elvis” is now in the Inner Circle, too. A messy MJF tells everyone he always considered himself a lone wolf, but now he wanted a pack..and he found one. He says they are like his blood brothers. A weird Sammy got out his knife and threatened to cut himself. That was a little much. Jericho wakes the next day with Elvis. MJF wakes up with marker written all over his face. Sammy is in a fountain and finds out he married 3 women. Ortiz is feeding chickens and Jericho finds a grown adult in a diaper.

*Wow, this was bad. I like funny segments, but this was nowhere close to funny. This was just stupid.

Jericho shows up on commentary and announces he and Jake Hager will have a match with SCU next week.

PAC vs. Blade is next. Eddie Kingston is on commentary. A fast back and forth match, but PAC got the win with the brutalizer.

After the match, PAC grabs a mic. He tries to call out Kingston, but Butcher and Blade attack. EK mocks PAC before Ray Fenix comes out to the aid of his friend. Penta comes out as well, looking like he’s going to attack Fenix. He drives away Kingston and the Family instead.

   PAC defeated Blade via submission

*Good match that did what it was supposed to do. I love Eddie Kingston on commentary and on the microphone. I’m glad Lucha Bros are still together, they are my favorite tag-team on AEW.


Footage of backstage is shown. Jade is attacking Brandi, using a chair to hold down her arm in order to stomp on it. Big Swole drives her away.

Serena Deeb vs. Thunder Rosa for the NWA womens championship is next.

Entertaining match between the two. Rebel distracted the champion and the referee while Britt Baker snuck in to wipe out Rosa. Serena Deeb was able to retain her championship.

Serena Deeb defeated Thunder Rosa via pinfall

A bitter Rosa finds Britt Baker in the crowd and attacks her before referees seperate the two.

Anna Jay and John Silver announce that Jay will challenge Hikaru Shida for the AEW womens championship next week.

Brian Cage and Ricky Starks with Taz make their entrance for the main event of the weekend.

A video package of Darby Allin skating around a church with his legs on fire. Okay.

Team Taz vs. Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes

Chaotic match between these four guys. Taz got involved, Arn Anderson got involved (which lead to him being ejected from ringside). Cody and Darby didn’t have a prayer. They were dominated by Ricky Starks and (mostly) Brian Cage.

  Team Taz defeated Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin

After the match, Will Hobbes comes out with a chair. He “chases” Team Taz out and throws away the chair. He grabs the FTW belt, but attacks Cody with it instead. He gives Cody an evil stare down as he stands tall with Team Taz.

*I didn’t see Hobbes turning and this was good.







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