AEW ‘Full Gear’ LIVE Results (11/9)

AEW Full Gear

AEW’s Full Gear event went live on Saturday, November 9 and emanated from the great pro wrestling city of Baltimore, Maryland. This is the company’s first event since the debut of Dynamite, AEW’s weekly TV program on TNT

The Young Bucks vs. Proud & Powerful

The match began with high intensity, as both teams came out swinging from the opening bell. AEW official Rick Knox became a story early in the match, as he did not allow a tag on the foot between Santana and Ortiz

As the action got underway, it became clear that Proud & Powerful were on the offensive early. The duo went for The Bucks and eventually, they confronted the legendary Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, who were at ringside in the audience.

The match soon took a turn as Matt and Nick began to gain the advantage. The brothers hit a few of their signature moves, including an attempt at the Meltzer Driver, but Nick’s right knee gave out due to attacks earlier in the bout.

Nick spit his gum at Santana but Santana actually put it in his own mouth. This set Nick off and suddenly things began to start cooking. A near-fall took place, but The Bucks broke it up.

Ortiz came off the top rope with the Street Sweeper, getting the pin on Nick Jackson.

Winners: Proud & Powerful

After the match, P&P’s fellow Inner Circle teammate Sammy Guevara came out to celebrate. Santana and Ortiz continued to beat down The Bucks and this brought The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express in to make the save. Ricky Morton hit the Canadian Destroyer on Santana and the crowd went wild. The Express and The Bucks celebrated in the ring afterward.

PAC vs. Hangman Page

PAC was out first, followed by Hangman Page.Page came out as the aggressor in this one and took the fight with PAC outside of the ring. Page was in firm control very early on and maintained it for first several minutes of the match.

PAC made his comeback with kicks to the face, which took the Hangman down. PAC went right after his opponent and the crowd began to see the trouble that Page was in.

Page was on the ropes but began asking or more from PAC, who was only happy to oblige. PAC went for the Phoenix Splash but Hangman moved and this brought on the turn in the match.

Page began going back on the offensive and took PAC down. The babyface was in charge at this point and PAC was on flat on his back. Hangman took PAC to the apron and slammed him down hard on the edge of the ring. Page was in full control here and the crowd began to respond.

PAC baited Page in, hitting Hangman with the Brainbuster on a steel chair. The referee began the 10-count and Page struggled to get back in the ring, finally doing so with a half-second remaining. PAC hit a massive top rope dropkick, planting Page down hard on the mat, but only got the two count.

PAC began nailing Page with some stiff kicks to the chest and taunted the crowd in the process. But Hangman fought back and grabbed PAC off the top in an huge fallaway slam. Page came over the top for the Buckshot Lariat but PAC kicked him down hard.

Hangman recovered and went for the Deadeye, but PAC locked in the Brutalizer. Page was in a very bad way but managed to make it the bottom rope for the break. PAC went for the Black Arrow but missed it and Page nailed him with a hard forearm, then into the Deadeye for the win.

Winner: Hangman Page

The lights went out in the arena, leading to the next match.

Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard vs. Joey Janela

Janela went straight for Spears, keeping the record alive with three straight matches that did not begin with a lockup. Janela hit Spears with a few quick moves before Shawn went outside the ring to take a breather.

Janela came at Spears but Shawn grabbed him and slammed him hard onto the floor. Spears took control of the match from that point on and began punishing Janela.

Spears took full control and put Janela in the corner, tying his hair to the ring with the tag rope. Janela tried to kick his way out and actually pulled his own hair out to get out of the corner.

Shawn took back over and put Janela in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Janela fought his way out and then took over once again. Spears was at a disadvantage as Janela went full throttle on The Chairman. Janela hit a Flipping Senton off the top rope, planting Spears down onto the floor.

Both men got back into the ring and Spears took over once again. Shawn took the top turnbuckle pad off which distracted referee Earl Hebner long enough for Spears and Blanchard to hit a Spike Piledriver onto the floor. Spears tossed Janela back into the ring and hit the C-4 to get the victory.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Kip Sabian was interviewed backstage and said that he was going to go straight down the middle. But he found that there were different alliances in the AEW, so he joined together with Penelope Ford to “bring sexy back” to the company.

SoCal Uncensored vs. Private Party vs. The Lucha Brothers, AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

Private Party was out first, followed by The Lucha Bros and SCU. The match began on an even tempo, with all three teams feeling each other out in the ring. But soon the excitement began to ramp up as The Lucha Bros. hit a flurry of tag team offense.

Private Party soon tagged in and began squaring up with Fenix and Pentagon, who took over in the match. The Baltimore crowd was in the corner of The Lucha Bros, who were soon battling it out with SoCal Uncensored.

All three teams ended up on the floor, after taking turns flipping over the rope onto each other. Fenix hit a stunning springboard dive over the top, taking everyone down. Fenix and Scorpio Sky were then back into the ring together, as the match continued.

Private Party took over in the match, but SoCal Uncensored came back and got the win in the end.

Winners and still AEW World Tag Team champions: SoCal Uncensored

The Lucha Bros went after steel chairs but then the lights went off and when they came back on, a second Pentagon was in the ring. He nailed The Lucha Bros. and then pulled off his mask, revealing the face of Christopher Daniels.

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Riho vs. Emi Sakura for the AEW Women’s World Championship 

This match began with a test of strength, as both women went for the early advantage. Riho hit a massive double foot stomp onto Sakura on the ring apron and this put the champ in full control of the match.

Riho put the single leg Boston Crab on Sakura, who fought her way to the ropes. Sakura then took over in the bout and put Riho down onto the mat. Sakura, who was acting as the heel in the match, suddenly tried to get the crowd behind her for some reason and then took Riho out in the corner after a hard running splash.

Sakura was in total control of the match and even taunted the referee, as well as Riho as she stayed on the attack. Emi was laughing and smiling as she worked, keeping Riho down and punishing her along the way. Riho tried to get in some offense, but she was shut down more often than not.

Riho finally hit some moves on Sakura and nailed her with a running Crucifix into a swinging leg lock, spinning Sakura onto her back for the three-count.

Winner and still AEW Women’s World champion: Riho

The AEW World Championship match is up next.

Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes, AEW World Championship Match

Cody was out first, accompanied by MJF. Chris Jericho was out next and he was accompanied by Jake Hager from The Inner Circle. The match began on an even tempo and as many fans expected, the pace was that of an actual pro wrestling match, not a high-dive competition.

The bout continued with Jericho approaching the ringside judges, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko and The Great Muta. Chris talked trash to each one, before getting back into the ring and going after Cody. Cody dove through the ropes to attack Jericho right in front of the judges.

The match suddenly took a turn when Cody went over the ropes onto the long ramp, striking his head and opening up a cut aloe the right eye. The match was not stopped however as a bloody Cody tried to fight his way back against Jericho, who kept him down.

Jericho went for the Lionsault, but Cody got his knees up. Cody then came back and began firing up the crowd. Rhodes hit Chris with the 10-punch in the corner and nailed the champ with a Disaster Kick, forcing Jericho onto the floor. But Chris went back on the attack and slammed Cody into the ring post.

Cody came back and cinched Chris in the Figure Four and Jake Hager gave the assist to Jericho along the way. But referee Aubrey Edwards saw this and threw Hager out. But Jake took MJF down on the way out. While the ref’s back was turned, Chris nailed Cody with the title belt and then went for the pin, but Rhodes kicked out.

Jericho went for the Judas Effect but Cody blocked and hit the Cross Rhodes, which only got a two count. The two men began trading shots in the middle of the ring and Cody fired up, delivering Dusty Rhodes’ Bionic Elbow.

But Chis kicked out and came back with a Codebreaker, getting a near-fall on Rhodes. Chris put Cody in the Walls of Jericho and Rhodes fought his way to the bottom rope for the break. After getting into it with Rhodes, Jericho locked Cody in the Liontamer. But before Rhodes could battle out of it, MJF suddenly threw in the towel, costing Cody the match.

Winner and still AEW World champion: Chris Jericho

After The Inner Circle left in celebration, Cody confronted MJF in the middle of the ring. MJF seemed sorry for what he did and for a moment, it looked as though Cody would turn on him. But suddenly, MJF nailed Cody with a kick between the legs and turned heel himself. MJF led the ring to a chorus of boos and was struck by a water bottle on the ramp.

Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega, Lights Out Main Event Match 

Omega was out first, followed by Moxley, who had his usual entrance through the crowd. The two men came out firing and Mox introduced a trashcan into the ring. He struck Omega and hooked up for the Paradigm Shift, but Kenny blocked it.

The two men ended up outside of the ring and Omega hit a running dropkick on Moxley over the barricade. Kenny then attacked Jon with a trashcan of his own and dove off a railing with the double stomp onto the can, onto Jon.

They battle back to ringside and Moxley took over again, hitting Omega with a snap suplex onto the floor. Jon got Kenny back in the ring and then puled out the infamous barbed wire baseball bat. He nailed Omega’s back several times, drawing blood from Kenny. Mox then went for Omega’s face, but Kenny blocked it.

Mox scraped the bat across Omega’s arm, but Kenny came back and nailed Jon with a pieldriver onto the steel trashcan. He brought out a table and followed it with the barbed wire broom.

Kenny then hit Moxley over the back of the head with the broom. He went further than that by scraping the broom over Jon’s back, then face-planting Mox onto the broom. He grabbed another steel trashcan and hit a moonsault from the second rope, sending the can down onto Jon.

Omega brought out a massive plank of wood covered with mousetraps, from underneath the ring. Kenny was slammed onto this and Jon then brought out a crate full of heavy steel chains.

Moxley slammed Omega down hard onto the pile of chains, then executed a neck breaker, sending Kenny’s head down on the cold metal. Moxley pulled the chains into Omega’s mouth and Kenny fought back with a trashcan lid, breaking the hold.

Moxley pulled an icepick out from under the ring but missed Omega. Jon went back on the offensive, once again slamming Kenny down onto the chains. But Omega fought back and hit two Snapdragon Suplexes. Moxley then bit the head of Omega, who hit a third Snapdragon.

Kenny wrapped the chain around Moxley’s neck, then threw Jon over the top rope. But Mox managed to slip out and Omega went for Rise of the Terminator, which he nailed over the top rope, sending Jon through a table.

Omega pulled a bag of glass, Saturday Night Live style, from underneath the ring and took a piece of it to Jon’s fingers. Kenny then smashed the glass and dumped it into the ring. Omega then hit a sit-up Spinebuster on Moxley, who went back-first onto the glass. Kenny then dragged Jon through it, followed by Jon crawling across it to get to the bottom rope.

Omega then forced lass into Moxley’s mouth, but Jon sent him into the glass, followed by a V-Trigger from Kenny. The two men ended up on the ramp and Kenny grabbed the icepick to pursue him. Omega dragged the icepick across Moxley’s forehead and then looked down to The Elite. He implored The Young Bucks and Hangman Page to bring something to him.

Suddenly, a massive barbed wire table was brought out and Omega traded shots with Moxley just at the edge of it. Moxley grabbed Omega and hit him  with a suplex, sending both men into the barbed wire. But then they both got back up an d Mox took down two security guys, before being hit by Omega’s V-Trigger through the AEW Full Gear logo.

They made their way back to the ring, where Moxley hit Omega with the Paradigm Shift onto the glass, but Kenny kicked out at two. Mox went for a knife and cut the canvass free from the ring. He pulled back the mat and padding, exposing the wood planks underneath.

Jon went for a piledriver, but Omega reversed it and slammed Mox down onto the wood. Kenny then hit his own Paradigm Shift, but Jon kicked out at two. Omega went to the top rope and missed with the Phoenix Splash. Moxley went for the pin but Kenny kicked out at two. Jon picked Kenny up, nailed him with the Paradigm Shift onto the wood and finally got the victory.

Winner: Jon Moxley


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