AEW “Revolution” Results (2/29)


The first match-up of the evening is Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hagar. The two quickly took the brawl into the crowd and around ringside. Rhodes, looking for payback after Hager broke his arm, focused his own offense on Hager’s left arm and shoulder. Hager kissed his wife several times at ringside during the match before Rhodes stole his own kiss later while he was gaining the upper hand. Hager had a convincing near fall with a gutwrench powerbomb and Rhodes had his own minutes later with a Code Red. After Hager couldn’t get the win with an ankle lock, he delivered a low blow behind the ref’s back and followed up locking in a standing arm triangle choke to put Rhodes to sleep.



Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara is next. Allin rode his skateboard to the ring before taking Guevara out at ringside with a suicide dive ahead of the opening bell to get things going quickly. Allin came within inches of serious injury when another suicide dive attempt with Guevara draped over the ringside guardrail went awry as his feet hit the ropes. Guevara then drove Allin through a table at ringside with a 630 senton from the top rope to the outside. All of this happened before the match had officially started because of Allin’s attack before the match — though the bout did officially start moments after the 630 when Allin managed to climb back into the ring. The match didn’t slow any from there with huge, high-impact moves from both men over and over. Allin scored the win with a Coffin Drop.

Darby Allin defeated Sammy Guevara via the Coffin Drop


[lawrence-newsletter][lawrence-newsletter]The AEW tag team championship match is next. Both teams make their way to the ring. The Young Bucks got a surprise amount of boos while supporting the team of Omega and Page. Chants of “cowboy sh*t” echoed through the arena. Omega and Nick started things off. A lot of back and forth struggle between the two before Omega tagged in Page to the delight of the crowd. Matt tags in as well as both men try to grapple each other down to the mat. Matt tries to show some sportsmanship and extended his hand, but Page refused and spat in his face instead. Matt snapped and dropped Page, punching him mercilessly. Omega and Nick both try to separate them, but Matt would not relent. Nick finally tagged in to stop it. After a few minutes, Matt found himself back in. Page was able to bring Matt down, but smacked Omega to “tag” himself in. Kenny did not appreciate the gesture, but got in the ring. Omega tagged Page back in soon, who kept on Matt to keep him down. Adam Page brought Matt to the outside and acted like he was going to drive Matt down on the bell table. Omega, to the disgruntlement of the crowd, stopped him. He through Matt into the ring and told the Hangman to keep it in the ring. Kenny and Adam Page delivered a few chops to the chest of Matt. Matt was able to fight back and make his way to Nick to tag in. Nick took down Adam Page in the ring and Kenny Omega on the outside as well. After some offense from the Young Bucks, Page was able to tag in Omega. After more back and forth action, the Young Bucks were able to take out Omega. Omega crawled and tagged in Page. Page was able to take down both of the Bucks with a moonsault to the outside. He kept both Bucks down with a series of clotheslines. He threw Nick in the Bucks corner, asking for Matt to be tagged in.

Both teams gave each other everything they had. Many finishers were hit, only for the other team to kick out and fight back. Adam Page would finally pick up the win for him and Kenny Omega with a buckshot lariat.

Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page successfully defended the tag team titles against The Young Bucks

After the match, Omega and the Young Bucks tried to invite Page into their circle to celebrate. He said no and went to walk away. Omega was the only one left in the ring. For a moment, it looked like Page was about to hit him with the buckshot lariat, but instead helped Omega out of the ring. Adam Page hugged Kenny Omega as they exited.

Women’s champion Nyla Rose defending her title against Kris Statlander is next. This match was evened out well with a lot of offense from both Statlander and Rose. Nyla Rose won in the end with a shaky looking Beast Bomb.

Nyla Rose successfully defended her women’s championship against Kris Statlander

The emotionally ridden contest between Cody and MJF follows. MJF is accompanied by Wardlow. Cody made his entrance with the Nightmare Family and was played out by Down Stait. Cody exploded after MJF after the bell rang, but MJF retreated to the outside. He finally reentered with Cody flying after him once again. Cody managed to get a near bomb, but MJF kicked out and rolled to the ramp. Cody exited as well, ran to the front of the ramp, and sped full force to clothesline MJF down. After another near fall, MJF tried to battle back by going after Cody’s broken toe. Cody, however, fought back and flattened MJF once again. Wardlow tried to interfere, but Brandi threw a beer in his face. Wardlow took the bait and followed Brandi, but Cody suicide dived on to Wardlow. Cody turned his attention back to MJF, but with a distracted referee, Wardlow got one on Cody. With MJF back in control, Cody was rolled back into the ring. MJF slowly attacked Cody, going after his right arm. After several attempts to make Cody submit, MJF removed the boot on Cody’s foot. MJF stomped on the broken toe and then started biting it. Cody, however, fought back by countering MJF by suplexing him off the top rope. Cody tried to gain his momentum back by kicking MJF off the apron. Cody tried to dive onto him, but Wardlow made his presence known. Arn Anderson grabbed a chair and kept the henchman in his place. Cody threw MJF, making his head become busted open. MJF began bleeding profusely and Cody began attacking him. Wardlow tried to distract the referee. Brandi jumped on him, but Wardlow grabbed her. Cody begged him to put her down. Wardlow did so. Cody ran after him, but Wardlow ducked and Cody hit Arn Anderson instead. Cody found his way back into the ring, but MJF was able to take advantage of the distracted referee with a low blow. After a suplex on the outside, both men rolled back in the ring. Cody attempted the Bionic Elbow, but MJF was able to avoid it. The young Rhodes went for Cross Rhodes, but MJF countered with his variation called Double Cross. Cody kicked out and fought back, however MJF kicked out as well. Rhodes removed his belt and whipped his opponent with it. The referee tried to stop him, but Rhodes asked for one more. The referee allowed it and Cody slashed MJF once more. MJF began groveling at his feet, pleading for mercy. After MJF spit in his face, Cody hit two Cross Rhodes on him. With momentum on his side, Cody was stopped in his tracks when MJF popped him with the diamond ring for the win.

MJF defeated Cody with a punch with the diamond ring on hand

Orange Cassidy vs. PAC is next. Is Freshly Squeezed going to try? Let’s find out!

At the beginning, Cassidy goes for the pockets, but PAC stopped him. Cassidy took down PAC and then went for the pockets to the absolute pure delight of the crowd. Cassidy fake kicked PAC with PAC following it. They had a fake kick off and the fans in attendance absolutely loved it. With hands in pockets, Cassidy began to run the ropes and avoid the advances of PAC. PAC soon grounded Mr. Freshly Squeezed and kept the heat coming. PAC drop kicked Cassidy and slowed down the pace. After being completely brutalized by PAC, Cassidy began rolling to the outside of the ring. PAC tried several times to set him up for the Black Arrow, but Cassidy continued to roll out of the ring. PAC caught him on the last attempt, but Cassidy with a smile was able to battle back. Orange Cassidy rose to the top rope, but PAC tried to counter. Cassidy hit the diving DDT on PAC, but was unable to capitalize. The Lucha Brothers attacked the Best Friends, distracting Orange Cassidy. PAC was able to get the best of Cassidy by locking in the brutalizer.

PAC defeated Orange Cassidy via submission

Our main event, Jericho vs. Moxley, everybody! Who will win this epic battle between these two polarizing individuals?

Moxley made his entrance from the crowd, fired up and ready to go. After an amazing performance from a choir singing his song, Jericho made his presence known with Santana and Ortiz.

The bell rings and the two begin to slug it out. Jericho goes for the outside, but Moxley is close on his trail. He throws Jericho over the guard rail, but Jericho grabs everything he can to hit Moxley with it. Aubrey Edwards the referee, however, allows the chaos to continue. Even though both men have totally thrown the rules out the window, the referee does not disqualify either men. Jericho began his assault on Jon Moxley with everything from the ropes and continuous right hands. Jericho throws Mox to the outside where Santana and Ortiz got a few shots in themselves. After more back and forth action, Jericho continued his shenanigans. He attempted to push Aubrey around to get disqualified, but it didn’t work. Hager, who ran in for the distraction, got a shot in. Aubrey threw the Inner Circle out, but while she was busy with them Sammy Guevara attacked Mox with the title. Moxley still kicked out, blood running down his face. Mox tried to fight back again, but Jericho gouged the good eye of Jon Moxley. Aubrey Edwards continued the match, refusing to disqualify Chris Jericho. Jon Moxley hit the paradine shift on Jericho, however. He removed the eye patch, revealing he had been playing possum the entire time. He hit the paradine shift once again for the win.

Jon Moxley defeated Chris Jericho to become the new AEW World Champion

Moxley took to the mic and told the fans that his win was for the fans. He thanked them for fueling the crazy ride. He said he was ready for everyone gunning for his title. He said it was “time for whiskey” before disappearing into the crowd.



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