Afternoon Update

For the afternoon update, we have another take on the New York Time Warner-Cablevision feud. This comes from Steve Zipay of New York Newsday.

Toronto Blue Jays announcer Tom Cheek returns to the radio broadcast booth this spring. Cheek suffered from cancer last year and missed his first games since becoming their play-by-play man in 1977, the team’s inception. Cheek had to miss his first game last year to attend his father’s funeral, then was diagnosed with cancer ten days later. Cheek will not do a full schedule of games. CBC Online has the story.

This story originally appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News, but was picked up by the San Jose Mercury News. Since you have to register for the Philly site and you don’t at the Mercury News, I figured I would give you the link for the San Jose’s site. This is an article regarding a potential Comcast challenge to ESPN. Could be interesting if Comcast decides to launch an all-sports channel. There’s speculation over NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue’s statements back in February over the league’s potential partnership with a new sports network. Some originally thought that meant Fox, but it could also mean Comcast. We will have to wait and see.

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