Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Washington Picked for College Football Playoff

Florida v LSU

The long-awaited top 4 teams were decided by the College Football Playoff committee today and ESPN did its best to make viewers wait as long as possible. At the end of the day, and not without disagreements, the committee picked Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and University of Washington to fight for the College Football National Championship.

The Big 10 conference champion Penn State Nittany Lions were left out of the playoff despite beating Ohio State and Wisconsin to win the conference championship. One peripheral decision was made by the committee with their selection today; conference championships hold little weight. Another decision or outcome from this particular selection is that out of conference schedules may not matter much either. University of Washington made the college playoff by scheduling three cupcake games with Rutgers, Idaho, and Portland State while playing in one of the weakest football conferences in the country but still made it into the playoff. Penn State, despite being conference champion in the best football conference in the nation, was left out.

It’s still something I am wrapping my head around and trying to decipher what this exactly means for future selections.

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