Albert Pujols sets insane record that’s never been done before

albert pujols

Albert Pujols is closing in on 700 career home runs and the feat he accomplished on Monday shows the insane type of career he’s had. Pujols has now hit 450 home runs against different pitchers in his career, the most by any player in Major League history.

On top of Pujols playing well, the Cardinals are also enjoying some success.

Cardinals Playing Well and Pujols Is A Key Reason Why

Oliver Marmol spoke about what his team is doing right now, according to

“I tell you, that group isn’t thinking about winning [that] last series right now. They’re completely moving on to today,” Marmol said. “I think what allows us to be good is … [we’re] done with a series like that and no one cares in that clubhouse. If we would have lost that series, no one cares in that cubhouse. That’s a really good way to not ride the highs and the lows. It’s done. [It’s just] we did our job, or we didn’t do our job … and now we have something that we have to accomplish today.”

“I think all these guys are feeding off of each other right now. And when Albert gets hot, it gives everybody confidence,” Marmol said. “You see it when Nolan [Arenado] and [Paul Goldschmidt] do their thing. It’s just everybody feeds off of each other.”

Pujols Gives Love To His Teammates

Pujols realizes that it isn’t just him that’s playing at an elite level right now and had the following to say, according to
“That’s what we’ve been doing all year long,” Pujols said. “One guy, one day is going to have a big game — like tonight it was [O’Neill who] carries our ballclub. To be able to help each other out and pick each other up, I think that’s what we’ve been doing right before the All-Star break and right after the break … we’re playing great baseball. [It’s] what we were expecting to do all year long, but sometimes it takes a little long to do that.”
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