Alternative Blog Subtitles

This is what happens when you Google ‘Alternative Blog Subtitles’. Pokemon on crack.

After that long winded and thought provoking piece of drivel that I dropped like it was hot yesterday, I think it’s time for something a little less intelligent. If that’s possible. Here’s something I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but never got around to; alternative subtitles for BMR. Feel free to create your own in the comments. I’m sure they will be better than anything I can come up with. After all, those tips for bloggers you guys came up with were pretty darned good.

Barry Melrose Rocks…

Because John Buccigross wasn’t available.

If you still think this is actually Barry Melrose, you’re not reading hard enough.

The answers Larry Brooks has been searching for all along.

Because somebody had to pay homage to Barry Melrose.

Analysis, rambling and rants from around the NHL (or whatever helps to kill time at work).

When 150 other hockey blogs just aren’t enough.

Because somebody has to dumb things down for Maple Leafs fans.

Where dancing fat guys are news.

Because we can’t let Mark Messier forget that he is a total fuckhead.

Because no one else makes fun of Kansas City.

If the pictures made sense, we wouldn’t be trying hard enough.

Where slanted writing, disgruntled personal attacks, and unconditional bias call home. _uacct = “UA-1868762-1”; urchinTracker();