American Express Purse up 5%, Winner’s Payout Set At $1.44M

American Express Purse up 5%, Winner’s Payout Set At $1.44M

The 2023 American Express will kick off the “West Coast Swing” on the PGA Tour. It’s one of the two Pro-Am tournaments on the Tour and has surprisingly drawn a strong field with some of the world’s top golfers in action.

Despite not being a designated PGA Tour event, the American Express field will feature several top 10 players, Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffler, Xander Schauffele, and more.

The field will head to the PGA WEST Clubhouse & Golf Courses for a new and exciting format that will involve playing on three different golf courses over three different days.

The American Express purse sees a 5% increase in 2023 with the winner set to take home $1.34 million.

Scroll down below for a complete American Express 2023 purse payout.

American Express 2023: Purse, Prize Money, and Payout

The 2023 American Express purse is valued at $8 million.

Previously known as the Desert Classic, American Express has run the event for the last four years. The Pro-Am tournament has a fun format with the field having to play on three different golf courses. It’s part of the tour’s early season “West Coast Swing”.

The standard winner’s share is 18 percent at PGA Tour-sanctioned events.

That means, in 2023, the winner at the PGA WEST this weekend will earn $1.44 million. The second-placed golfer will also take home a cool $872,000.

Check out the table below for a complete breakdown of the American Express purse payout.

Position Prize Money
1st $1,440,000
2nd $872,000
3rd $552,000
4th $392,000
5th $328,000
6th $290,000
7th $270,000
8th $250,000
9th $234,000
10th $218,000
11th $202,000
12th $186,000
13th $170,000
14th $154,000
15th $146,000
16th $138,000
17th $130,000
18th $122,000
19th $114,000
20th $106,000
21st $98,000
22nd $90,000
23rd $83,600
24th $77,200
25th $70,800
26th $64,400
27th $62,000
28th $59,600
29th $57,200
30th $54,800
31st $52,400
32nd $50,000
33rd $47,600
34th $45,600
35th $43,600
36th $41,600
37th $39,600
38th $38,000
39th $36,400
40th $34,800
41st $33,200
42nd $31,600
43rd $30,000
44th $28,400
45th $26,800
46th $25,200
47th $23,600
48th $22,320
49th $21,200
50th $20,560

2023 American Express Purse Increases 5 Percent Compared to 2022

Since the arrival of LIV Golf, the PGA Tour has increased its purse prizes at all tour stops, including non-designated events like the American Express.

This year, American Express has seen a 5% purse increase with the winner taking home $1,440,000.

While the purse has been steadily increasing from season to season, it jumped again by an extra five percent to incentivize players to stay on the PGA Tour. In 2022, the purse was already raised by 14% to $7.6 million and another $400,000 was added this year.

Since American Express has switched from the Desert Classic, the purse has gone from $5.9 million in 2008 to $8 million in 2023.

The winner’s payout has increased as well. In 2022, the American Express winner is set to take home an all-time-high payout of $1.314 million.

Check out the table below for the American Express Purses since 2020.

Year Wyndham Championship Purse ($) Winner’s Share ($) Champion
2023 8,00,000 1,440,000 TBD
2022 7,600,000 1,368,000 Hudson Swafford
2021 6,700,000 1,206,000 Kim Si-woo
2020 6,700,000 1,206,000 Andrew Landry
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