American Tennis Player Ben Shelton Is Making Coaching Change

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20-year-old Ben Shelton has been on the ATP Tour for less than a year, but he is ready to make a coaching change.

Ben’s father, former tennis pro Bryan Shelton, will be taking over the coaching duties from Dean Goldfine who was Ben’s traveling coach.

The elder Shelton made his intentions known when he resigned as the University of Florida’s tennis coach on Friday, June 2.

Ben worked with his father when he was a student at the University of Florida; he won the NCAA Championships in 2022.

American Tennis Player Ben Shelton Is Making Coaching Change

Social Media Has Mixed Reactions About This Decision

Fans have mixed reactions to Shelton’s coaching change.

Some believe that Ben should have given himself more time to get accustomed to the rigors of the ATP Tour before changing coaches.

He had some early success in 2023 finishing as a quarterfinalist at the Australian Open.

Shelton lost in the first round of the French Open, but that was not entirely surprising because his clay court experience is very limited.

Others believe that Ben’s dad has already worked with him a lot over the years, and he needs a different voice on his team.

Then again, family ties are tough to break, and some fans think that Ben and his dad can cook up some of the same success on the ATP Tour as they did in the NCAA.

Ben Has Never Played At Wimbledon

The timing of the change is interesting because grass court season is upon us, and Ben has never played at Wimbledon.

Because of his father’s advice to stay close to home and work on his tennis, he had limited exposure to Junior level tennis and opted to go to college to gain more playing experience.

It is worth noting that Bryan played at the 1994 Wimbledon Championships and made it to the fourth round.


Ben is a bright young tennis player on the horizon.

Like others who have gone to college before turning professional, it can take time to adjust.

He is well aware of what his father can do for him and likely prefers a family member to be a stabilizing force as he gains his professional footing.

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