An Abusive Pattern Is Back


“He was abused. It’s a thin market when you’re looking for lefties, and he’s one of the better ones out there. But you don’t typically go after a guy who’s been used like that. The use pattern was abusive … It’s not a major concern. If it becomes one, I’ll let you know.” -Brian Cashman

Let’s face it. The Mets bringing back Pedro Feliciano on a minor league deal will most likely amount to one huge waste of time. Forget the name and the warm and fuzzy memories of Feliciano making Ryan Howard and Chase Utley look like fools for a moment. The guy is 37 years old, and the only pitching he’s done in the last two seasons is in the Puerto Rican winter league. How many signings like this have we, or I, killed the Mets for making, and in most cases pan out to be nothing?

But if Feliciano makes but one appearance for the Mets in 2013, it’ll be one more than he made for the Yankees while he was making more money than he ever made before in his life. If nothing else, it’ll be a symbolic “naa naa nanaa naa” to the whiners in the Bronx. And we’ll owe it all to Brian Cashman for resting him up in your country club and ending the “pattern of abuse” so that the Mets can get him back pitching against Howard and Utley. So Brian, would you qualify this as a “major concern” yet?

But even if Feliciano doesn’t make it back, at least Cashman’s signing of the abused one afforded the Mets the opportunity to use the compensation pick to draft Michael Fulmer. So in this world where victories against the Yankees are few and far between, it’s nice to get one at the expense of a whiny general manager who feels that he can talk out of turn because it’s only the Mets. And as we know, this warped sports society allows you to be an idiot and talk about stuff you know nothing about as long as you do it at the expense of a team that doesn’t win as much as you.

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