And you’re on fire when he’s near you, you’re on fire when he speaks, you’re on fire

Apparently Upbo is on fire and Doan is helping to fuel the Wonder Twins. At one point they had a combined 7 points. I lost track after that. Uppy with two goals!! Amy was threatening to steal a hat if he got a third. I was also waiting for Doan to complete the Gordie Howe. He just needed that fight…

Speaking of fights, Jovo I am calling you out. Eddie and the Czechs is not a cohesive unit. Vrby scores, gets shoved around and who jumps in and fights? Jovo? No… Marty! Then Pru and Z get in on the action too. The Czechs are not our fighters and they shouldn’t have to be. That is one reason why a guy like Jovo is out there with them. Jovo, your job is to kick the asses of those that attack your teammates. Oh, that’s right…. you only fight if you are threatened. Way to be a team player Jovo. Oh yah, and Vrby got a roughing penalty on that. Stupid ref. He was just standing there waiting to celebrate his goal when the blue jacket attacked him. Whatever. I officially hate Jovo again.

And Bizzy. You are so becoming a favorite. Way to kick some butt and work that pucl! Those one-on-ones with Dave King are really paying off! You are making Yandle all jealous and now he wants to be a forward too!

New guy, Bubba, whatever, not impressed. You got a point? Big deal, you got a penalty too. You are no Sami. There was no dancing, no Sami cam. I dislike you so far.

Oh and we won 5-2. That’s like 8 or so home wins in a row. I don’t think I have seen 8 in a row at home before!

Tomorrow it is the Ducks at Coyotes. C’mon boys, big game! Kick some butt for me. I will be watching from Wisconsin but am in 104 in spirit!

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