Andrew Tate Net Worth: Is The Influencer A Billionaire and What Crypto Holdings Does He Have?


Andrew Tate is a polarizing figure in this day and age of social media. He has millions of followers across all social platforms and uses these platforms to promote men’s health but in a much more controversial way that some either gravitate to or some don’t agree with at all.

He also helps men make money online to improve their lives with his various online courses on his social channels. Tate has also been involved in crypocurrency which has helped increase his net worth.

No stranger to controversy, Tate has amassed a cult-like following but his opposition is just as strong. With that said, let’s get to know Andrew Tate, including his net worth, crypto holdings, parents, kickboxing record, and more.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate, now 36 years old, is a former combat sports athlete that competed in kickboxing. He took that fame from his time as a kickboxer and used it to create a presence on social media, where he has amassed millions of followers.

Known for making controversial comments, Tate uses his podcasts and his various accounts to promote men’s health.

He also sells courses on his social media accounts. These are basically dropshipping courses, similar to other online social accounts.

Tate has a cult-like following but he has made a ton of enemies along the way, as several groups have called him misogynistic.

Andrew Tate’s Net Worth

It has been reported that Andrew Tate’s net worth is an estimated $50 million. However, there is some speculation that his net worth is in fact in the $300-$400 million range.

In a deleted tweet from December 2, 2023, Andrew Tate revealed his net worth is in the range of $710 million. He also claims to have made his first $100 million by the age of 31.

There is no concrete evidence to back those claims, but Tate appears to be a wealthy man, regardless of the fact.

Let’s take a look at how he created his wealth.


Before being known as a social media influencer, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Tate grew up in combat sports.

Being very tall and long, he used those attributes to become an accomplished kickboxer. Throughout the course of his career, he made roughly $100,000 – $200,000 per year in the sport.

The most he has ever made in a single fight was $200,000.

Big Brother

Tate kickstarted his fame and fortune by competing in the 17th season of the British version of Big Brother.

That ultimately didn’t last too long, as he was kicked off of the show due to a controversial video that showed him allegedly hitting a girl with a belt.

From there he started his journey into building his Andrew Tate brand on his social accounts, which grew his popularity and wealth rapidly.


Tate also has a well-known podcast that has been a huge hit on Apple Podcasts, which goes by the name of Tate Speech.

On his podcast, he gives his perspective on men and the world, which he considers to be eternally correct in every way possible. He vows for men to escape the matrix and join his network of high-caliber men.

Social Media Influencer

Tate has amassed a massive following on social media since his name got into the limelight.

He has amassed millions of followers across all social platforms, but he also has been banned on both YouTube and Instagram for the things that he has said and allegedly done.

Does Andrew Tate Have Crypto Holdings?

Tate is a well-known supporter of cryptocurrency and has publically back Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He has also claimed that he once “turned $600,000 into $12,000,000” by trading in crypto. Upon his arrest in Romania, police revealed Tate had a hardrive with a Bitcoin wallet convisgated that had five of the coins on it which would be worth around $82,000 today.

Although hard to get an exact amount of Tate’s crypto holdings and how much he has made from it, it’s clear cyrptocurrncy has been key to increasing his net worth.

Andrew Tate’s Father, Sister, & Family

Tate was born in Washington, D.C. before he to the U.K. when he was 11 years old.

His parents weren’t well off like people may think. His father Emory Tate was an international chess master who was a five-time winner of the United States Armed Forces chess championship. His mother Eileen Tate worked as a catering assistant.

Tate also has two siblings, a brother named Tristan and a sister named Janine. His sister Janine works as a lawyer.

Meanwhile, his younger brother, Tristan, has basically been his sidekick all throughout his life from kickboxing to podcasting to starting business ventures together.

Andrew Tate’s Kickboxing Record

Tate was an accomplished kickboxer throughout his life and that is where he started his fortune.

He was a 4x kickboxing world champion in the light heavyweight division.

Overall, Tate compiled a 76-9 record with 23 knockouts across 85 professional bouts.

Human Trafficking & Cancer Rumors

Andrew Tate along with his brother Tristan Tate was detained in December 2022 in Romania on human trafficking and rape charges.

The allegations against them are that they created an organized crime group to exploit women for money. Tate and his brother are still currently being held and detained in a Romanian prison.

More recently, there have been rumors going around that Tate has lung cancer due to a scar that has been seen on his lungs.

His manager has claimed that he indeed does have lung cancer, but Tate has already denied those rumors stating that the scar is from a previous fight that he had.


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