Angels select Kaleb Cowart in the first round
The Los Angeles Angels selected Kaleb Cowart (third baseman) in the first round with their first overall pick at #18 in the 2010 Amateur Draft.
Here’s all you need to know about Kaleb Cowart, compiled by member ‘AngelsNeverDie’. Baseball America ranked Cowart as the 12th best amateur in the nation in their top 200 amateurs list.
Summary: “There are two-way players in every Draft class. Typically, it’s fairly obvious which way they’ll go as professionals. With Cowart, however, there will be some debate. He prefers to be a hitter right now. More scouts are showing up to see him pitch, which might be an indication that teams are leaning in that direction, though there are sure to be scouts who like him both as power-hitting third baseman and a power-throwing right-hander. How this unfolds and who wins the debate could be one of the more interesting developments of the Draft season.” –
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