Interviews Former Angel Adam Riggs

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Adam Riggs captured wearing the “Angees” uniform.

Interviewed by David Saltzer, Senior Writer

One of the things I love most about baseball is when I have the chance with former players. No one knows the game like they do, as they have insights that fans won’t always catch.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with a former Angel–Adam Riggs. When I first heard that I would get the chance to interview him, I immediately thought of the time he ran out to left field with one of the greatest uniform malfunctions ever (pictured above). So, of course, I had to ask him all about that, and it turns out, there was more to the story.

But, in talking with Adam, I learned so much more. I learned about how he came to play for the Angels, and how that helped save his career, what it was like as a player in Scioscia’s clubhouse, spring training ordeals, and his favorite memories and players. And, I got to fill in some key details about a key episode in Angels history involving Jose Guillen. Many fans remember that situation, but few will recall that it was Adam Riggs who went out the next day to play left field for a team trying to make the playoffs. Adam helped fill in some key details of what it was like for him as that player to live through that experience.

Since retiring from baseball, Adam has started a podcast on the BLEAV Podcast Network. Along with his co-host Matt Gallant, they do a weekly Angels podcast talking all things baseball. It’s well worth listening to, as Adam provides baseball knowledge and experience having scrapped together a solid career with several teams. With his background, he can talk about what it’s like to be an athlete having to constantly prove himself and earn his playing time.

Fans can catch up on all of Adam Riggs’ podcasts by clicking here. Fans can also subscribe to catch all of the weekly shows. I’d recommend it, as Adam is planning on getting other veteran players to have even more in depth discussions to share different perspectives from the industry.

Please click below to listen to our interview with Adam Riggs.



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