Angry Tom Tom

Angry Tom Tom
What a difficult question. I had to do lots of research on this situation. I conducted a study over a one week period. During this time I discovered that he was angry approximately 99.9% of the time. As the week ended I thought my experiment had a simple answer. I had one instance occur that threw all numbers out the window. Tom Tom’s girl came into town. His anger dropped by almost 49.85%. This was an amazing discovery. A weeks worth of studying and analyzing gone in a matter of moments. Once this happened I decided to do further research on the psychological aspects of this situation. I wanted to get to the core of the problem. I wanted to find out what made him tick.
Here are a few possible senarios
-“Chronic anger may have roots in early childhood experiences. In classical psychoanalysis, the id, the primitive, inborn self, is the source of aggressiveness. The superego, the moral self, comes into being as a result of socializing experiences. The moral self may not develop adequately because of hidden submission. In such a case, the id has too much influence on the adult personality and expresses itself too readily. Thus, the individual who manifests chronic anger is sometimes seen in psychoanalysis as a case of arrested emotional development. This is evidenced in familiar common sense statements such as, “He is just a big baby”, or “I wish he’d grow up,” or “He’s just a brat.”
– “all sentient beings have too much self-interest or ego”
– “there is no respect towards others. Everybody thinks that they are the most important and unless there is mutual respect, we as well as others be harmed”
– “dissatisfaction which can cause unhappiness because we tend to want to get more when we are not satisfied”
– “impatience. We should know that things take time to get results but we give up halfway. This also leads us to unhappiness and the generation of anger”

I would like to open the floor to what suggestions you, as a reader and friend, feel best fits this situation the.

Please respond with your comments and I will talley the votes for the winning consensus and hopefully find the true cause of this.

Always remember what Robert Ingersoll says: “Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.”

I hope I was able to shed some light on this issue,
Advice Man

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