Another Semi-GDT

Tonight the Red Wings are in town for their first game against the Coyotes. Last season the Coyotes could not win a single game against them. There were a couple of games that were quite close and the Coyotes even lead for awhile but Detroit turned on the intensity in the third and that was the Coyotes downfall last season. The Coyotes always seemed to get tired in the third and not able to match the other teams potential. Tonight is going to be different though. I can feel it.

Keys to the game:
1. Don’t take penalties. Detroit is awesome on the PP.
2. Come out strong and keep up the intensity for all 3 periods. We have to play 60 minutes to beat this team.
3. All players must show up. We need everyone to battle. That includes you Jokinen. You have played well your last two games back (only disappearing for short periods) but tonight the boys need you to show up for all 60 minutes.

Bryz is starting tonight. Hopefully his confidence is on the rise.

In other news:
Porter has been re-assigned to SA. I am guessing they sent him down because they called up Lindstrom (who has done well in these last couple of games) and they don’t want Porter to be a healthy scratch for too many games. He can play and contribute in SA. That would be much better for his development then sitting up in the press box.

There still is no word on McGrattan yet. I am still not sure how he can be floating out in limbo. Maybe the Coyote have bought him out? If I hear or see anything I will post.

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