Are We Right?

Earlier this February, Zach unveiled his predictions for the 2006 division finish. Then the comments got busy with other people’s comments. I then predicted six Sox’s finishes this year, and while it didn’t get as much feedback as the standings, there were still enough to get a nice collection. Below you’ll find the official Fire Brand 2006 Predictions. We’ll revisit this after the season, see how much egg is on our face. The standings will have a blurb by me following each record.
Boston: 95-67Ask me in December, and I’d have scoffed at this. I’m quietly optimistic now, however. This team is a team that reminds me of most World Series Champions – balanced.
New York: 92-70I would have thought it more around 98-100 wins in December, but things I have learned have made this seem reasonable. Besides, they can’t field worth a lick.
Toronto: 89-73Hmm. Interesting. I would have thought they’d crack 90 wins, but I actually like this prediction. They’re all going to have to mesh. Besides, every year brings surprises in baseball, and one guy’s predictions can look wildly off-base. The more predictions we get, the more likely we’re right.
Tampa Bay: 76-86A very reasonable figure.
Baltimore: 74-88Poor Baltimore.
Now, what do we think six significant Boston players will do this season?
Coco Crisp: .304/.357/.476, 19 HR, 48 doublesThis prediction I think is pretty “safe” as it falls in line with his career lines and trends.
David Ortiz: .292/.398/.600, 43 HR, 134 RBI A monster year? Yes please.
Kevin Youkilis: .274/.380/.407, 12 HR, 117 gamesExtremely reasonable prediction, but the lack of power is going to make him more of a #7, #8 hitter. I can see him filling into the shoes of Bill Mueller in terms of offensive production.
Curt Schilling: 14-9, 174 IP, 3.57 ERA, 28 startsPretty much down the middle. Not too pessimistic, not too optimistic. Hopefully we get more, but this is an extremely reasonable projection.
Keith Foulke: 23 SV, 7 BS, 57 IP, 3.82 ERA, 1.26 WHIPSo people think he’ll be average. Probably the safest prediction, as well. I can see him starting out as the closer, getting some saves, then in the hot summer months, getting hurt (only 57 IP?) and when he returns, being part of a rotation of closers.
Jonathan Papelbon: 8-4, 114 IP, 3.28 ERA, 48 G, 7 GS I don’t know why, but I really like this prediction. Out of every single prediction we’ve made, I think this one has the best chance of coming true.
Welcome to March. One more month.

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