“In hindsight, we probably should have thrown the hitch 20 times,” Doba said. “Just keep hammering away. Because they were giving us 10 yards every time.”

Its quotes like this that really make a man question what the hell is going on in Cougarville. USC was were “giving us 10 yards every time?” Wrong. They were playing off us 10 yards everytime, but were shutting us down for less than 4 yards everytime because of Brink’s pitiful arm strength. What the hell is he talking about?

Also in the paper today was the Doba quote that a QB change is NOT in order despite “mediocre” QB play. He also added that a “plateau” was expected for every young quarterback.

What plateau is he speaking of? Is he talking about hitting a plateau in his learning or a plateau in his physical development/ability?

All of which makes me wonder: to what extent are Alex’s struggles reflective of the typical development and evolution of QBs within our system?

That final question is something you guys really should comment on. Back in the day, it always seemed like the “learning” curve related to dudes who had no idea how to recognize defenses, and as a result would throw stupid picks, would be unable to check into proper reads and plays, etc. Am I wrong?

The problem that I see with Brink is that he appears to my “I know nothing eye” as doing pretty well in regards to the intellectual side of the game. Its the physical part that’s disturbing. And, if the plateau is more physical than intellectual, how much stronger can this guy get? How realistic is it that he will qualitatively improve much, if at all, in the seasons (gulp!!) to come?

In the end, I agree with Hawk that the dye has been cast since the coaches are too entrenched in their own crap to step out of it. And that’s a bad, bad, bad sign for a program in trouble (e.g. you can’t fix a problem when you refuse to recognize the problem exists).

Arizona State 45 WSU 21 Put it in the fricking bank

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