Assessing the Rose Scholars Program

Dear Timberwolves fans,

(This includes Derrick Rose fans).

Your hero, Derrick Rose, made the headlines:

Big news.

Wonderful news!

He’s following Lebron’s footsteps, some could argue:


Okay, this isn’t an article praising Derrick Rose for his philanthropy. You could find those articles if you do a simple google search.

What I’ll be talking about with you today, Timberwolves fans—and fans of Derrick Rose, the basketball player and the person—is the Rose Scholars Program.

No, I’m not here to summarize the program’s mission statement, guidelines, etc. What I’ll do is assess the Rose Scholars program from the perspective of a high school graduate, and give you my two cents.

Before I begin, full disclosure: I have a BA, so the program is obviously not targeting me. The money is for those who are in need, so my audience today are basketball fans of all ages who are in high school.

(This includes you, Timberwolves fans)

Alright, alright. Now that I laid out my game rules, let’s go back in time and suppose that I’m a high school junior…

…Here goes.