Attempted Murder on Radish

Ok this one was too good to pass up. Radish in intensive care after murder attempt. No, Radish is not the person’s last name but the rather the vegetable which we so enjoy in our salads.

Seems a small town in Japan had a radish growing along the side of the road. Is this normal you ask, I would have to think having vegetation growing out of the road is normal yes but the townspeople admired the radish. It even had its own nickname, “Gutsy Radish”. This radish was so popular that when news broke of the attempted murder of the radish, people were distraught.

Timeout here. We are talking about a radish. The vegetable. Used in some in their salads, garnish on the table and other things. We aren’t talking about some guy with the last name of radish. This made the TV news in Japan. Can you picture watching NBC Nightly news and the lead in story is “Radish in intensive care after murder attempt.” Half the people watching the news would be like ummmm who’s this radish fellow. The other half would pay no mind to the plight of this radish. Would the networks be fighting for the TV rights of the radish’s struggles to make it back to life and/or movie rights? Will Court TV send Diane Diamond to cover the trial? Hey maybe when the radish is feeling up to it, Larry King can have him/her/it on the show. Or better yet, Geraldo can do an expose on the life of this radish and what led the person to try killing the radish. The possibilities are endless.

I feel sorry for whoever tried to “murder the radish.” The person will probably be hung. Think about, was this radish going to live a full life. Or was someone eventually going to get curious and see how it tasted. I mean we are talking about a radish here. Do we really care that someone tried to murder a radish? If you answered yes, then you are just as crazy as the person who tried to murder the beloved radish.

I for one look forward to my next salad as I will be ordering one with extra radishes and of course balsamic vinegar.

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