Bagpipe Monday: Children’s Chips

2005 NFL headshot at photo day.  (Photo by Getty Images)

Welcome to the opening BAGPIPE MONDAY here on Subway Domer for the 2015 season! Friends: I have been trying over the past few weeks to get excited for the season. Yes, yes… I am excited for the season to start and all that comes with it, but I’m talking about a different type of excitement. The excitement that grabs a hold of you with so much force, you put your head through a wall for shits a giggles.

This had me thinking about this years Notre Dame football team. In the words of the Dominican monk eating Nacho Libre’s lunch… “Where are the spices? Where are the chips?”

Indeed, where are those chips? Where are the chips on the shoulders of this team? In 2012 that chip- that edge was prevalent all season long. Kickstarted by a viscous and obnoxious article from Rick Reily, the entire team took on the entire world. You saw that mentality each game. They used that to fuel the fire for a title run. Instead of scorn and doubt and a complete lack of respect, the media is gushing over the Irish.

So, the Irish have to live up to expectations this year as opposed to exceed expectations. I have found, with Notre Dame, that the former always seems to be a bigger issue. So, this team and this coaching staff is going to really have to dig down deep to find that edge and that extra drive to excel on the field.

If they need any extra help- DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN! Do it for my two kids and the baby due right after the USC game (always a chance we could change the name for a future hero). Do it for Nina and her Steiger baby! Do it for Leanor and her little linebacker that was born today:

Do it for my dude Tony and his new baby! Do it for Ryan Ritter and that brand new Texan of theirs- DO IT FOR POOT BECAUSE HE IS WEE LIKE A BABY!

Do it for the children Notre Dame. Pick up those chips and let’s light these fuckers up!

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