Bar Proudly Displays Harvey Kuenn’s Leg

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Bar Proudly Displays Harvey Kuenn’s Leg

It’s not uncommon for a sports bar to have unique ephemera from the local team on display. That said, 4th Base has a leg up all on all of them


Hanging high above the bar is the prosthetic limb of former Milwaukee Brewers skipper Harvey Kuenn.

As the story goes, Kuenn had his right leg amputated prior the 1980 baseball season. Two and a half years later, “Harvey’s Wallbangers” would square off against the St. Louis Cardinals and, even though they lost, a local legend was born.

Pretty basic stuff, right?

Not long after Kuenn’s death in 1988 the leg appeared at 4th Base. How it got to the West Milwaukee bar is where the mystery begins.

“I got one myth that says he got drunk here one day and left his leg and never came back to get it,” bar manager CJ Papara said.

Another myth is that, following the death of the former Crew’s manager, the mortician offered up one of Kuenn’s multiple fake legs to a friend. That friend just so happened to own a bar.

Suffice it to say, the leg has become an odd good luck charm.

Bar Proudly Displays Harvey Kuenn’s Leg

(h/t Ben Hutchison, WISN)

Bar Proudly Displays Harvey Kuenn’s Leg

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