Basketball is much bigger than a game for Garrett Temple

There is so much more to the game of basketball than just the physical. More than the rules, regulations, and actions that take place between the lines. It’s an emotional game, a mental game and to many, it’s a spiritual game.

For players like Sacramento Kings guard Garrett Temple, his spirituality plays just as crucial a role in his game as his physical skill set. His faith is his foundation that he builds upon before every game.

He believes that, because the spiritual part of his game is so strong, it allows for him to be the best player, teammate, and role model that he can be, both off and on the court.


Captured during the National Anthem of Monday night’s preseason game in Sacramento, the photo above shows Temple, arms linked with his fellow teammates, deep in prayer.

“That’s something I do before every game. During the National Anthem I pray,” Temple told Cowbell Kingdom following the game. “At the end of the day, none of this is possible without our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Temple has not shied away from sharing his faith with his teammates and the professional basketball world. He stressed the fact that it has a strong effect off the court, and can be used in many aspects of his NBA life.

“Being a better teammate is all about being a servant to God. You encounter a lot of different personalities and learn to accept who they are,” Temple said.

Temple is not alone in his faith on the Kings roster. Teammates Anthony Tolliver and Lamar Patterson share in his religious beliefs.

“We are accountability partners,” Temple said with a smile on his face.

It’s his approach to his teammates that aren’t of the faith that turns the most heads. Temple recognizes that many in the league do not share his beliefs, be it a lack of interest or understanding, but that doesn’t deter him from being the teammate God calls him to be.

“I haven’t (tried to share my faith) with anyone on this team yet. When you get to know somebody, there’s a way to bring it up. I definitely plan on doing that,” Temple said.

Basketball is much bigger than a game for Temple. It is a platform for him to share his faith while doing what he loves.

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