Be Gone With Wilpon? How blog titles tell you how a team is doing

We’ve been trying to spruce up Subway Squawkers a little by updating our blogroll. Baseball blogs don’t exactly have the longest shelf life. As you can see by looking at’s Yankee blogroll, new ones sprout up all the time, but many of the bloggers give up after just a few months, as evidenced by clicking on some of those links.

So we were adding some new Yankees and Mets blogs, and removing the defunct onces, and I noticed a rather obvious truth – you can tell a lot about a team’s fortunes by what their fans’ bloggers call their pages.

Yankee fans have names for their blogs like Pride of the Yankees or even It’s About the Money. They also honor players with names like Respect Jeter’s Gangster, The Girl Who Loved Andy Pettitte, or the new site An A-Blog for A-Rod. (An aside – can’t you just hear John Sterling saying that? Hilarious!)

On the other hand, you can tell a little about the despair among the Flushing Faithful by checking out some of the Mets blog names. There’s 24 Hours From Suicide…A Day In The Life of a Met Fan, which apparently used to be entitled Long Island Met Fan. There’s also Be Gone With Wilpon, Disgruntled Mets Fan, MetsFAIL, and Pessimets. Alas, Depressed Mets Fan is no longer active. Geez, I hope he’s okay – or at least got some Prozac!

Looks like the blog title “Diary of a Mad Mets Fan” is still available. Somebody needs to start writing that to complete the misery!

One other thing I noticed when looking at the Yankee-Mets blog names out there. Squawker Jon and I have been writing Subway Squawkers for four years, and we are still the only Yankees-Mets rivalry blog! Cool!

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