Because we all need some Spring Training videos


It’s been long enough. This year has been terrible, this winter, especially this past month, has been long. Within Do-Hyoung Park’s report, there is real live video of pitchers throwing to catchers. It’s not much, but it’s something, and was indeed the first non press conference video I could find.
As with so many other things, Spring Training coverage appears to be different this year, without the glut of photographers filming every session in the bullpen. Park says he is on his way to Fort Myers, so we can hope that more video and good vibes are on their way. Games are coming before much longer, and things will feel a little bit, but not entirely, normal.
Apologies to Mr. Park for hijacking his report, and not discussing his reporting. It’s just long past time to think about baseball again. Follow Do-hyoung Park on Twitter for his updates upon his arrival in Southwest Florida.