The bane of existence.

My order for the wire to connect my digitial camera to my computer finally arrived, so the pictures you see here are from September 24, 2004. (I apologize in advance for the lousy pictures. (a) My camera was broken and got fixed. But every time you fix something, it never is as good as it was. (b) My camera has a “super-zoom” option, that you can zoom in amazingly close but you lose clarity.) Silly you, you know what game it is. It’s when Pedro went back out for the eighth, and once again … yeah.
But anyhoo, I’m pumped up after last night’s “loss.” Sure, we’re down one game to no games, but really … I’m not looking at it like a loss. The man above had a perfect game into the seventh, for heaven’s sake. And we came within one run — one run of tying them. So we lost 10-7, so what? The important thing is that we came back. Never say die, right? I have to say that I’m more of a believer after this game than I was before it.
Francona made the right decision pulling Curt at the right time. He also made the right decision to have Timlin pitch to Matsui. (Did he, or did he not get Matsui out?) And statistically, he made the right decision having Timlin pitch to Bernie. Manny came this close to catching it. It was a good try. Just not good enough.
Yeah, Curt’s hurt. But the competitor in him will get past it and take the ball for Game 4 or 5 (and the impending weather makes it look like there will be two off-days in a row, not one, which just made it even better for us) and dominate. So now Pedro gets to show the Yankees who is the real daddy. “Oops, I made a misspelling on the paternity test results. YOU are their daddy, not THEY are your daddy. Sorry, Pedro.” Besides, we can win without Curt. I have faith in Pedro. I have faith in Arroyo. I have faith in Wakefield. And yes, I even have faith in Lowe. Even if Curt is out for the year, I still believe with all my heart that we can W-I-N.
Hi! My name’s Pedro. You can call me Man on a Mission.

Johnny David Damon! Either shape up or go to your room! You weren’t the Red Sox’s 10th Man for nothing!
You weren’t the Red Sox’s 10th Man for nothing!

Here, let me show you what you need to do.

Yeah, the home-plate umpire, Randy Marsh, didn’t do so well. Lousy strike zone. Kinda reminds me of some blown calls by someone named Tim McClelland.

Astacio was quickly ejected after throwing at Kenny Lofton; the benches had already been warned. Astacio was ejected by first base umpire Tim McClelland, may I add. This is the same McClelland who egregiously blew two calls during Thursday

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