Best Parlay Following First Free Agency Frenzy│NFL Betting Odds

Now that the initial free agency fray is over it is time to place some more early bets on the NFL season. Sure, some big signings can still go down, but what would life be without a little risk? Plus, who can wait until things are fully settled? I know I can’t.

The Parlay: Five NFL Teams To Bet On

Team One: Buffalo Bills (-225)

The Bills are at -225 to win their division, and that might be an under-positioning. Sure, the Patriots are always tough, but Tua is nowhere near competitive at the NFL level and the Jets are only entering Year 2 of a complete rebuild. Team 1: check.

Team Two: Los Angeles Chargers (+275)

The Chargers are at +275 to win their division. The only team given a worse chance than them is the Raiders. This makes no sense to me. Of course, the Raiders should be ranked worse than them. They may have crazy firepower on offense, but their defense is missing key pieces. However, I don’t understand why the Chiefs and Broncos are projected to end the year with a better record. The Broncos are in Year 1 of a new coach and QB1, and the Chiefs struggles from last year were never fixed. They have a terribly inconsistent offense and a worrisome DB room. Meanwhile, the Chargers are in the second year of their coach, the third year of their talented QB, already have more depth than all the other teams in their division, and have a lot of cap space left. Team 2: check.

Team Three: Cincinnati Bengals (+225)

For some reason the Bengals are at +225 to win the AFC North, narrowly trailing the Browns and the Ravens. However, it is likely that Deshaun Watson faces his suspension this year. The Browns structured his contract under that assumption (his base salary in 2022 is $1M of the total $230M), allowing them to try to stack the rest of the roster and stay competitive. This hasn’t happened yet. As for the Ravens, they still not help in the trenches and are thin on defense. And remember, the Bengals already made a splash in free agency. Team 3: check.

Team Four: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-250)

Though they come in at -250, who else can win that division? Watson ended up elsewhere and Brady is a FA magnet. Team 4: Check.

Team Five: Green Bay Packers (-175)

The Packers (-175) lost some star power in this offseason, but nobody else in their division is ready to compete. The Vikings need a lot of help on defense, the Bears need help all over their roster, and the Lions need even more than the Bears do. Team 5: Check.

The Parlay│And Where To Bet It

Combining these picks results in a parlay with odds of +3772, making a nice payday for any hungry bettors. Go cash in now with one of the top offshore sportsbooks.

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