Best. Penguins. Preview. Ever.

Best. Penguins. Preview. Ever.
Don’t care who you are, Wallace and Gromit will kick your ass.

Back to the point, Pensblog absolutely dominated their Penguins season preview. I nearly cried.

Even if you don’t read Pensblog (and if you don’t, you suck), any season preview means the season is about to start. I’m expecting big things from Sid and Co. this season. Every hockey “expert” can go eat me with their New York Ranger-bandwagon-jump-on-ing (sorry, that was the best I could do). Ooooh…they got Chris Drury, they should be the favorite to win the East. Bullshit. Last I checked, we still have the reigning league MVP (and Gary Roberts…and Georges Laraque). Sure, Drury makes the Rangers better, but its sick how the “experts’ are already foaming at the mouth over New York.

Last I checked, they had the bottom-rung Staal brother. Pens have Jordan “Upped My Cred By Getting Arrested” Staal. End of argument.

Those of you who haven’t been around these parts since PSaMP was founded (all of you) don’t know that the Penguins were the muse for this blog. PSaMP was born out of my overflowing emotions as the team announced that they wouldn’t be leaving Pittsburgh. That caused me to create this blog and write the first (shitty) post. And during those formative times, all I covered was the Pens. Pirates season hadn’t started, the Steelers were a distant memory, and the massive strides made by Sid and Co. filled my every thought.

Now, with the ’07-’08 season about to start, all I can do is bow to Pensblog for giving such an amazing preview. Well done.

Best. Penguins. Preview. Ever. Oh God, its time.

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