Best World Cup Free Kicks: Where Does Luis Chavez Strike Rank?

Chaves free kick

Luis Chavez hit an absolute rocket of a free kick on Wednesday during Mexico’s 2-1 win over Saudi Arabia, but where does the screamer rank on the list of best free kicks at a World Cup?

The set piece screamer from Chavez wasn’t quite enough to see Mexico qualify for the round of 16 and he will also be disappointed to hear that he has just missed out on our list of top five free kick goals, with some stunners making the list!

Top 5 Free Kick Goals at a FIFA World Cup

5. Ronaldinho vs England (2002)

One of the most iconic free kick goals on this list came from Ronaldinho against England in 2002 which announced the young Brazilian onto the global stage. Nobody expected Ronaldinho to shoot when he stood over a free kick 40 yards out, but what happened next was special.

The 22-year old at the time hit the ball up into the sky and when it eventually looped down over David Seaman in net, the ball managed to find it’s way into the goal creating one of the most iconic free kick goals of all time at the expense of England and Seaman.

4. Robin van Persie vs Ivory Coast (2006)

Robin Van Persie’s strike was from a lot closer than Ronaldinho’s magic however the power behind the shot nearly took the net off the goal the 2006 World Cup. Van Persie was not a regular freekick taker for the Netherlands during his career, but when he stepped up to take the set piece against Ivory Coast in the group stage he certainly made no mistake finding the back of the net.

The left footed strike from just outside the area was sent like a missile into the to left corner which left the keeper no chance of even seeing the ball, never mind saving it.

3. David Luiz vs Colombia (2014)

The most recent goal on the list is David Luiz’s crazy free kick which came against Columbia at the Brazil World Cup in 2014. Just before going crashing out with an embarrassing loss in the Semi’s to Germany, Brazil faced Columbia in the Quarters in which David Luiz hit this bullet to send Brazil through.

Although the joy was short-lived, David Luiz’s strike that swerved and dipped through the sky before eventually finding the top corner will go down as one of the best free kicks in World Cup history.

2. Roberto Carlos vs China (2002)

Roberto Carlos was no stranger to scoring world class free kick’s and of course the Brazilian’s iconic strike against China in 2002 makes the list, but just misses out on top spot.

Carlos took a direct run up to the free kick and you can see the focus on the left-back’s face as he sprints up to the ball and laser’s it into the top left corner from about 30-yards out. The China keeper at the time couldn’t even get a hand to it, and the fans behind the goal were lucky he ball didn’t break through the net!

1. Teofilo Cubillas vs Scotland (1978)

The number one free kick on our list isn’t about the power or the pace on the ball, it’s all about the technique used by Teofilo Cubillas. Nobody was expecting the Peru legend to strike the free kick in 1978, as he stood over the ball at an awkward angle leaving a weird run up ahed of him. What happened next surprised everyone.

Cubillas’ strike was one for the ages, as nobody had ever hit a free kick like that at the time and as the ball soared into the corner the fans can be heard erupting and with such a technical goal from the outside of his boot, Cubillas’ strike against Scotland is more than worthy of the top spot.

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