Big League Chew Pissed Off White Men Everywhere

Iconic bubble gum brand Big League Chew unveiled their latest covergirl (yes…you read that right) and because the internet, people lost their minds.

But, first, a history lesson courtesy of the “fun gum that keeps your mouth from getting dry when the game is on the line”.

Sitting in a bullpen one summer night long ago, Portland Mavericks lefthander Rob Nelson came up with a fun new bubble gum idea: shredded gum in a pouch.  He called it Big League Chew.  Rob’s teammate, Jim Bouton, found a gum company to make Big League Chew, and in no time at all it became the “must-have” bubble gum for players of all ages.


Which brings us to Darren Rovell’s tweet from Tuesday.

That’s right, close to forty years and 800 million pouches of gum later, Big League Chew finally put a female baseball player on their packaging.

And while most people had no issues with a new face on their favorite chewing tobacco-inspired bubble gum…others we pissed.

If you’ve made it this far, yes…people are going bananas because the same company that once put both the Easter Bunny and a mummy on their bubble gum now has a little female representation.