Big Ten Hoops News and Notes

The Big Ten season is coming to a close, finally.

The overall outlook on the conference is not a very pretty one. It’s definitely not hit every branch on the way down ugly, but from where many said it would be at the beginning of the season (remember when those “experts” were saying it was the best conference?) it’s been majorly disappointing.

Smooth shooter Robbie Hummel out for the season didn’t help matters. Either did MSU’s seemingly yearly crash of sorts. Minnesota, Northwestern and those Wolvies having less than stellar campaigns didn’t… well, you see where I’m going with this.
For sure Wisconsin and Illinois are tournament teams, but hardly ones anyone sees either winning more than a game or two.

Then there’s Ohio State.

Without OSU the Big Ten’s chances of having a team reach the Final Four would be more minute than beautifying Charles Barkley’s golf swing. OSU’s sitting pretty with a 14-4 conference mark, already guaranteed a share of the conference title (MSU and Purdue need to win their last game and they’ll also have a share).

OSU might not have the depth of Purdue or MSU, but they sure the heck have five really dangerous starters who know their roles and perform them well.

Looking Back

Way back in late December I previewed the conference season and gave my picks for how I saw the standings shaking out.

I had Purdue #1, with Wiscy #2, MSU #3 and OSU #4. Not bad, all four will finish in the top four, just not in my order.

I had Illinois #5, and nailed it. Illinois is solidly in the #5 spot.

As for the lower six I didn’t do too badly either. I had Northwestern #6, Michigan #7 and Minnesota #8. It still could end up being that all three of these teams tie with 8-10 records. Though, I picked Northwestern to be the 6th and final team from the conference to make the Dance, but that won’t be likely unless they win BT tourney.

As for the likes of Penn State, Iowa and Indiana, who really gives two cents about ’em. But I will have to apologize a little to Iowa. I said good luck getting to the 10 win mark, but sure enough they got there and at least will stay out of a tie for last place unless both Indiana and Penn State win their last game.  So I guess, uh, congratulations Iowa?

Here are a few ‘awards’ for some folks around the conference
Most clueless coach- Todd Lickliter


John Lickliter shouldn’t be playing minutes for a DI basketball program but his daddy (Todd) continues to put him into games. Excruciating to watch if you’re an Iowa fan, which I’m not, but I’m sure it is excruciating sans those couple of plays in the video above.

*Nice thing about this team is virtually everybody is a freshman or sophomore and there’s actually some nice talent there with Cully Payne, Matt Gatens, Eric May and Aaron Fuller…

Oh boy, and I don’t even drink.

Worst three point shooter at HOME- Laval Lucas-Perry (Wolvie)
Big Ten Hoops News and Notes

Now now, to the four of you who may still be reading, I haven’t gone through every player’s (rotational player) HOME shooting totals to see if somebody’s is worse, but I have a feeling LLP’s is the winner.

Get ready.

Lucas-Perry at HOME during Big Ten conference play is shooting 1-22 from downtown.

*For LLP’s sake and because I like him, I’ll give him this, he’s 11/26 in conference ROAD games

Team (program) I once hated but now kinda like –Wisconsin
Big Ten Hoops News and Notes
Never really was a huge fan of Chris Rock

Can’t really put my finger on why I like them now, but I guess I really admire any kid who would want to play for Bo Ryan.

Away from the intensity of gameday Bo Ryan’s probably an easy guy to like and get along with but I wouldn’t want to always have to bring a couple changes of britches with me to every game and practice. That’s just me though, I’m sort of a pussy. Bo would just look at me wrong and it’d be all over in my pants. Damn, I hope four clean pairs will be enough.

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