Big Ten Pick’em, Week 2

Once again, it’s time to predict all the games in the Big Ten for this weekend.  The Daily Gopher is running the show and posts weekly results (here, go see the current standings).

Last week, The BBC went 8-0 until Michigan State ran out of luck and Illinois decided that defense was overrated.  That’s a semi-clever way of saying that The BBC stands in a tie for 3rd place at 8-2.  Off The Tracks is in sole possession of first place at 10-0.  Nice job so far.

Here’s how this week’s games are going to play out (according to your defending co-champion host here);

Big Ten Pick’em, Week 2

Ohio State over Ohio University – Apparently there’s some player who’s injured or something.  There’s been nothing on the news about it, though.  Oh, well.  The Buckeyes are going to walk all over Ohio in this one.  The Bobcats have a horrid defense (91st against the run last year, and 74th overall) and will not have much fortune Saturday.  About now, their best hopes are that Ohio State overlooks the Bobcats, or oversleeps, or something.

Wisconsin over Marshall – Another serious mismatch.  The Badgers have a bruising run game and Marshall can’t defend the run.  Guess what’s going to happen?

Michigan over Miami (OH) – I’m not convinced that either team is any good.  Both teams will finish in the bottom half of their conferences and since the Big Ten is head and shoulders above the MAC, it’s an easy choice to make here.  But if I’m wrong about any game this weekend, I hope it’s this one.

Illinois over Eastern Illinois – Last time Eastern Illinois played a Big Ten school, they lost 52-6 to Purdue.  Expect to see more of the same.

Purdue over Northern Colorado – The Boilermakers didn’t have a game last week.  They don’t really have one this week either.

Michigan State over Eastern Michigan – I’m getting really tired of talking about directional schools.

Iowa over Florida International – The best thing about thios game for FIU is that they can spend a Saturday away from Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna.  And they get to be in Iowa instead.  Yippee.

Penn State over Oregon State – Oregon State’s rushing defense is very suspect, and it’ll hurt them badly in this game.  If they were any better at it, I’d have taken the Beavers.  It’s slightly possible that most of the Penn State defensive line will miss the game, choosing to be out jamming.  They hope you like jamming, too.

Big Ten Pick’em, Week 2Indiana over Murray State – Easy to pick.  The dregs of the Ohio Valley Conference are not going to be able to stop Kellen Lewis.   Indiana is gunning towards a second-straight bowl appearance and they know that their early-season games are the key to it.  They close the year against Wisconsin, Penn State and Purdue, so they’ll need to have plenty of wins going into that late stretch.

Northwestern over Duke – REVENNNNNNNGE!

Bowling Green over Minnesota – I was impressed by Minnesota’s will to win last week, but I was more impressed by Bowling Green upsetting a ranked team.  Sorry, Gophers, gotta go with Bad Guy State University on this one.

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