Big week in the land of NW football. Signing day is Wednesday, and the Superbowl is, of course, on Sunday.

First off: Brinkhater was thrilled to see the return of Bumpus to the classroom and gridiron. Add his return to the (verbal) signing of Hutsona and you have a recipe for a special teams assault that will allow us to compete with Auburn in the heat.

So far, the class looks good. Brinkater is still hoping for a 4 star CB to come in at the 11th hour. One can only hope to dream. Speaking of dreaming, I was glad to see Jimmy Montgomery sign on to the blue and gold instead of the dreaded Purple and Gold. So sorry, Tyrone, but you did a GREAT job, of losing your #1 recruit…. Terrific job!

In terms of that little game known as the Superbowl, well, Brinkhater has you covered there. Here’s the simple truth:

1) Both teams will struggle to run the ball and will rely on the SHORT passing game to move the ball and score.

2) Both QBs will be efficient.

3) Both Defenses will play well.

4) For the Hawks to win, Jeremy Stevens must have 7-8 catches for 70+ yards.

5) For the Steel to win, Randall El must continue to be used in creative ways.

6) Both kickers will make their field goal attempts.

In the end, this game comes down to special teams. IF the Steel makes a big return–and I think they will–then that would be the difference. If they don’t, that will be the difference.

Here are Brinkater’s fence-sitter picks:

With a Randell El Return to the Red Zone:

Steelers 27 Hawks 24

Without a Randell El return:

Hawks 24 Steelers 20

Your MVP will be either Matt Hasselbeck or Randell El

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