Biggest MLB team surprises, disappointments in 2019

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals
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The 2019 MLB regular season is officially in the books, which is sad for any huge baseball fan. However, it’s not time to be too sad yet (even if your favorite team has already headed for the exits) since the postseason is set to get underway this week.

We’re sure to have plenty of unforgettable moments to watch over the next few weeks, which will undoubtedly make sacrificing sleep worth it. With the October field finally set in stone, there were a number of teams who surprised this year, along with another handful who disappointed.

We could just base the following list solely off our opinion, but that’s not how we like doing things around here. Instead, we decided to take a look at each team’s playoff odds graph from FanGraphs to find which clubs went on some of the biggest roller coaster rides during the past 162 games, for better and for worse.

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