Bills 24, Chargers 54, Nate Peterm5n 14 Recap and Tweet Bag #YouThoughtGame

The Good

The Bills got to, on a national stage, show why everyone said what they did nationally about their decision to bench Tyrod Taylor and the dog-whistles and kazoos that came out with it.

The Bad

Injuries to Kelvin Benjamin and Micah Hyde marred what was otherwise to me a schadenfreude masterpiece. Get better men.

The Bills-y

I am



Guys. GUYS.

The Bills spent a week selling to a fanbase that had a LARGE contingent of people that didn’t really need to be sold that their 5th round pick, who had yet to start a game in the NFL was far superior to the “failing” Tyrod Taylor.

54 points later I’m howling.

I really didn’t think that many people would buy in, but then hosts of WGR hopped on the “I’ve seen the film” ala Nate up there. Then fans started with – mind you a team that’s missed the playoffs enough to watch Rated R Movies – the statement that a wildcard isn’t enough – it has to be a sustained process of success that leads to a championship or bust.

I will give Nate Geary credit though – he owned up to it and didn’t double down like Jeremy White for instance:

Instead of a mea culpa, or a “hey we all misread this” it’s a “McDermott sold us the goods too well.”

Maybe don’t go in with the team every time and have a critical…

I digress.

Trust the process was a mantra of the Philadelphia 76ers and it served them well. Right now for the Bills, it’s a reminder the head coach’s biggest issue to deal with professionally was being fired as a defensive coordinator, only to be hired…as a defensive coordinator. When your struggle is keeping the same job in a different city, your perspective on how your mission is the “one true one” gets skewed.

That’s just me though.

And let’s not mess with just the folks at WGR, we had a plethora of fans who claimed they watched #AllTheFilm and Bill Barnwell, of the “evil national media” nailed it:

The NFL adding the all-22 package has made this sub-culture – to which I sometimes belong – of people that want the film to explain everything. Even with my high school team I can’t be 100% sure of the play called by a defense, but I can give you tendencies – ideas to a level of certainty. Not in Buffalo, it’s 100% based on film Tyrod Taylor was a bad quarterback per these folk. Well, as I said in the title, this is the “you thought” game: to those fans, to the media that got uber sensitive when the national folks took fair shots, and McDermott and his precious process. Bills got worked and everyone had to own it.

Mina, magnificent Mina Kimes, dropping this hot fire – now as well:

And Mr Koh ain’t messing around:

Let this trip out west be an object lesson in hubris.

Up next is the Chiefs – and more excuses as to why Taylor was somehow inferior to Peterm5n.