Bills – Saints Predictions featuring @evancdent, @mmigliore, @rcanepac, and @mack10zie!

In a few short hours, the Bills can either prove they are who we thought they were or perchance give us a little more hope in the November months. What does the Buffalo Wins staff think? Take a look! 

Evan, @evancdent, 4-4. Saints 27 – Bills 16

Well, looks like your resident non-process truster was the only one to pick a Bills collapse last week, and, I’m sad to report I’m back at it again. There are some things working in the Bills favor: cold weather, home game, and a matchup against a team that looks ‘due’ for a loss – it’s hard to win 7 straight games in the NFL. But the Saints have a legit defense and an offense that can beat the Bills in multiple ways. Matt friggin’ Forte looked good against the Bills last week; I can only imagine what Ingram and Kamara will do.

Without turnovers, the Bills defense loses a lot of their luster, and I can’t see Drew Brees and co. giving out too many of those. Shady theoretically should be able to get it going against an average run defense, but with the way the line played last week, it’s hard to say that with confidence; same goes for Tyrod having any time in the pocket to search for openings in a stout Saints secondary. Bills keep it close in the first half before fading badly in the second.

Ricardo (@rcanepac, 3-5) Bills 21 – Saints 33

OK, my record sucks. I have a worse record than the bills. Woof.

My prediction is simple. Unless the bills have their winning formula (3+ turnovers), we’re cooked. We have 0 pass rush.

The one thing that makes me hesitate about this game, is that we are at home. Weird stuff is happening at orchard park. But sadly I have little faith on our Defense.

Once again, I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Mike Migliore (@mmigliore, 5-3)

I kept saying “Same Old Sorry Ass Bills” to myself during the Jets game last Thursday. There’s a sense of impending doom hanging over this season that I certainly can’t shake and I’m not sure they can either. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy that probably ends with this Bills tram below .500. They have damaged me psychologically and I’m waiting for everything to go wrong.

I’m also a sucker, which is why I think the Bills win on Sunday to get to 6-3. McDermott gets 10 days to prepare for a quarterback he knows well. EJ Gaines and Charles Clay are back. Someone needs to prove they can best this Bills team in Buffalo.

I’ll probably have egg on my face for trusting a Buffalo sports team, but I think they’ll be good for at least one more week. Otherwise, it’s Same Old Sorry Ass Bills.  Prediction: Bills 24, Saints 17 

Mike McKenzie (@mack10zie, 3-5)

I don’t even know why I pick anymore.  I clearly have no idea what to expect from this team.  New Orleans can pass and we seem to be short on CBs.  The game in Buffalo helps, and I’m looking forward to seeing the offense with Benjamin.  New Orleans 24 Buffalo 20.