Well, at least UW lost too……thank GOD.

Seriously, I didn’t see any of this game, and I’m happy I didn’t. Rooster, we NEED to know what happened with all the picks in the 2nd half? First half we were unstoppable putting up 30 points with ease, on the ground, through the air, but what the hell happened after that? Were Brink’s picks just horrible throws, wounded ducks fluttering in the Corvallis breeze? Or were they plays where a receiver ran the wrong route, or a ball was deflected, or did someone just slip??

Offensively, it makes you wonder, though, we’ve seen the Cougs blow some leads the last few years (even 2003) and does it make you question Levy’s play-calling? Harrison only had 9 carries after the half. Sure Hill was hurt and they could put 8 in the box, but still, at least run it a few more times and eat some damn clock! I know that’s conservative to the nth degree, but there are times where you need to just slam it up in there and take your chances.

Anyway, think back to the ugly Notre Dame loss in 2003, with a huge lead absolutely pissed away with “hurry up clock” plays in the 2nd half. One could point to the apple cup that same year, where we led for 59 minutes. In ’04 we saw a horrible collapse vs. Oregon, one that to this day haunts this defense and was clearly the swing game of 2004.

I guess I could go on, but you know what? Forget it. Put it in the rear-view mirror and hope like hell they come out angry next week and beat Stanford.

I’ll say this, too. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN this year in the Pac-10! UW had UCLA down to 4th down on their own 40 with a 3-point lead with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter, but the Bruins converted and ended up winning. ASU had USC down for most of that game. I’m just saying that this year is going to be wild, and further, damn-near impossible to predict what the hell is going to happen from here on out! It is a long, grinding season and all teams are going to go through adversity on the road, all teams are going to have injuries and all teams will at some point or another battle some real confidence issues. The reality is, no question, this game was given away.

In looking back at the blown leads…..let’s hope that they respond and use it like they did the 2003 Notre Dame loss, instead of the 2004 Oregon loss that ruined their season.

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