BlogPoll Ballot: Week 14

We are getting to the end of the blog poll posts, which sadly means we are getting to the end of the season. It seems like just yesterday that we started things off with the wild Labor Day weekend that saw the crazy Boise St/Virginia Tech game. This weekend was the even more crazy Boise State/Nevada game. I hope that most of you got the chance to see that contest. It was what college football is all about. Even though Boise might be mid-major by conference, they are not mid-major by talent. The way the Nevada offense handled them in the second half was tremendous. Plus, we had the amazing Auburn/Alabama comeback, which should cement Cam Newton with the Heisman. We got to see the very good LSU/Arkansas rivalry. Plus, we had 2 pretty much non stop days of college football instead of one, and that’s something great.

Onto the poll. I have Auburn as the new #1 team. I dropped Boise down to 8. I vaulted Arkansas up to 7, mainly because I didn’t want 3 Big 10 teams in a row. I punished Alabama for blowing their lead. I dropped NC State and Arizona, while adding UCF and West Virginia. You can take a look yourself, and send me comments or tweets about how I could make the poll better before it’s finalized for tomorrow.

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