Bloguin Predicts the NBA Finals

                Who You Got?

Kudos to Don over at “With Malice…” for doing this series for each round of the playoffs.  I will say that I have been pretty awesome to date, except I missed the Cavs pick last round by a mile (I think almost everyone did.)  Anyways, here are the Bloguin predictions for the NBA Champions:

(Click the link to see how all 10 blogs voted, and read top-notch analysis as well!)


Here’s what I went with:

Orlando Magic in 7

Just a feeling, I guess.  No one thought they’d beat Cleveland, especially not to advance to the Finals.  The Lakers have struggled at times in the playoffs, and seem to have problems maintaining their intensity and focus.  Pau Gasol has a BRUTAL match-up problem against either Dwight Howard at the 5 or Rashard Lewis at the 4.  Both greatly favor Orlando.  I like what the Magic have done so far, and they seem to be playing as the best team so far these playoffs.

He also asked us to predict the MVP.  Being that I picked the Magic, I had to go with Dwight Howard.

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