Brandon Staley Contract & Buyout: How Much Would it Cost LA Chargers to Fire Head Coach After Crazy 4th Down Call?

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In January 2021, Brandon Staley rose to prominence as he landed the head coach position for the Los Angeles Chargers, securing a reported four-year deal valued at $16 million. However, following a sequence of questionable decisions and criticisms, Staley is currently facing mounting pressure, prompting speculations about his potential termination. Here, we take a look at the details of Staley’s contract and explore the financial ramifications if the Chargers decide to part ways with him.

Brandon Staley, despite being a renowned defensive strategist, is currently facing immense scrutiny due to a series of questionable calls and seemingly dodgy decisions during critical game junctures.

With fans vociferously advocating for his dismissal, the LA Chargers may soon find themselves evaluating the costs associated with terminating Staley’s contract early, with his coaching strategies under intense examination by sports analysts and former coaches.

Brandon Staley Contract

Staley’s deal with the Chargers, signed in January 2021, was set for four years and is reported to be worth $16 million, bringing him an annual salary of $4 million.

This places Staley relatively lower on the spectrum of NFL coach salaries, with the likes of Bill Belichick reportedly earning a substantial $20 million annually.

Brandon Staley Buyout

If we operate on the basis that Staley’s contract is fully guaranteed, the Chargers would be obligated to pay him for the remaining duration of his contract, if he were to be dismissed before the contract’s culmination.

If the Chargers decide to proceed with Staley’s dismissal, they could be looking at a buyout in the vicinity of $8 million, dependent on the specific terms outlined in his contract.

Why He’s Under Pressure?

The prevalent dissatisfaction surrounding Staley stems from the Chargers’ recent game performances. The precariousness in Staley’s defensive strategies and game decisions, most prominently observed in the encounter against the Minnesota Vikings, has drawn widespread criticism.

Staley’s audacious fourth-down call, although not catastrophic for the team in the recent 28-24 victory, was perceived as precarious, potentially jeopardizing the Chargers’ game standing.

The Chargers went for it on 4th and 1 from their own 24 yard-line with just under two minutes left, and failed to convert. This gave the Vikings a shot at the win, but Staley will be breathing a sigh of relief as they failed to capitalize.

The criticisms are accentuated by previous instances of the Chargers’ blown leads. A prime example occurred in last year’s playoffs, where the Chargers let the Jaguars reverse a 27-0 deficit. Such occurrences contribute to the emerging consensus that Staley’s strategies, particularly his defensive plays, have allowed opposing teams substantial comeback opportunities.

With the talent available to the Chargers with the likes of Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler, and Joey Bosa, many feel the team are underachieving under Staley’s guidance. He will need to improve on his 20-18 record and 0 playoff wins if his time at the Chargers is to continue.

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