BREAKING: Disgruntled NXT Superstar Posts Obscenity Laced Tirade, Quits WWE

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WWE has seen its fair share of unhappy Superstars during its long history. That’s also been the case over the past several months, as The Revival, Luke Harper and most recently, Sin Cara, have all voiced their desire to leave Vince McMahon’s company. But this time, the situation is drastically different.

BREAKING: Disgruntled NXT Superstar Posts Obscenity Laced Tirade, Quits WWE

Albert Christian Hardie, also known as ACH, has officially “quit” WWE. Hardie competed on the NXT brand as Jordan Myles and was believed by many to be one of the next rising talents set to make an impact in the company. But that appears to be over now, as Hardie has made his intentions known via Twitter.

“I’d like to officially announce that I quit f*****g WWE. I am no longer an employee. I refuse to work for racists. I f*****g quit, F**k them. I hate that f*****g company and everything they f*****g stand for. All they did was ever hold our f*****g people back. I do this s**t for the culture. I don’t need anyone’s f*****g permission to do what I want to do. Screw Jordan Myles, don’t ever call me by that slave name, call me ACH and don’t forget the ‘super,’ b***h. I quit. F**k you!”

This story initially began in October, when Hardie revealed a T-Shirt design that WWE had created for him, which depicted what he felt was blackface. WWE released a statement at the time, in which the company claimed that Hardie approved the T-Shirt design beforehand. WWE also stated that the shirt would not be sold.

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ACH took to social media during this time and berated WWE for not only the shirt, but also for what he felt was blatant racism on the company’s part. He also took shots at others as well, including Ring of Honor star Jay Lethal, who he referred to as an “Uncle Tom.” WWE has yet to comment on Hardie’s latest Tweet.

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