Breaking: Monroe to sign with Celtics


The Celtics have made a splash with their Disable Player Exception… signing Greg Monroe to bolster their frontcourt.

Monroe was just bought out by the Phoenix Suns.

The trade deadline is 8 days away… so the Celtics may still not be done making moves.


To answer a couple of common questions:

  • The Celtics have used their Disabled Player Exception. The Celtics had UP TO $8.4 million to spend on ONE player. They were not given $8.4 million to spend as they please. Since they used the exception on Monroe, the exception is considered used and has therefore expired. If the Celtics make any other moves, it would be a trade involving players leaving Boston.
  • Gordon Hayward CAN return this season if he’s healthy and ready and it does not impact his or Monroe’s status. Hayward can return whenever he’s ready and he can play with Monroe.
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