Brewers Sign Another Dominican Prospect


After years of essentially ignoring the region, the Brewers are keeping themselves busy in Latin America:

Last month, Milwaukee signed another teenager out of the DPL — outfielder Elvis Rubio. The triple slash line for Matos looks impressive, but it’s important to point out that it apparently comes after just 10 games this season. The DPL website says that Matos will stick at third base in the future, but it’s hard to be sure — there honestly isn’t much on Matos out there on the Web.

As noted in last month’s post about Rubio, we shouldn’t expect these signings out of the Dominican to show any fruit for at least a few more years. Most of these kids are extremely raw and won’t even make their way to the U.S. to play in the Arizona Rookie League until then, if they get that far at all. Regardless, it is good to see these types of moves because they’re very low risk with potentially very high rewards.

One of my pet peeves is talk about how the Brewers can’t afford to spend on the international market due to their limited budget. That isn’t even close to being true — it’s a matter of actually putting in the effort and finding the guys worth signing. The Minnesota Twins sign more international talent than anyone in baseball, and the Seattle Mariners are also very active. It’s not a money thing.

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