Buffalo Bills fans could face criminal charges for ‘table slamming’

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens

Fans of the Buffalo Bills who are attending the home opener against the Los Angeles Chargers are not going to be too happy this afternoon. The traditional ‘table slamming’ done by the Bills Mafia on a weekly basis could lead to arrests, fines, and a criminal record. It seems as though the hundreds of viral videos including excessive drinking and wild behavior has led the Erie County sheriff’s office to take action this season.

The Bills organization started to crack down on the fanbase’s behavior as early as last year. They have reported that there were a record-low of incidents during the 2017 season, according to ESPN’s Mike Rodak. Now, Erie County, New York wants to keep the trend going by keeping Buffalo fans and plastic tables even safer in 2018.

For anyone who looks forward to a good table slamming viral video, this might not be your week. But don’t worry, we’re sure that the Bills mafia will figure something out. Although the rules apply in Buffalo, there’s a good chance that not every NFL team will rule out table slamming while the team is on the road.

For now, Bills fans will have to survive NFL Sunday without beer funnels, dizzy bats, and jumping through tables. Hopefully, their rookie quarterback Josh Allen can give them something to be happy about in his starting debut Sunday afternoon. It would be tough to see Bills’ fans hearts twice in a matter of 24 hours.


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