Buffalo @ Coyotes or the game we failed miserably at

On Monday Buffalo came to town. I had been looking forward to this all season. See, I love Ryan Miller as a goalie and love to see him play. Unfortunately (of fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I came down with a bad cold and was watching from the couch.

Ok, I only watched for two hours. After that, I was done. Between the bad play and my cold, I thought I was going to die. I did flip back over with about 30 seconds left and saw it had become 7-2 instead of the 5-2 I had left. Oh joy…

I’m pretty sure no Coyotes showed up for the game. I can’t name a single player that stood out (for a good reasons/play). I know a team can’t win every game but can we at least show up to every game? We were seriously out played by a team very similar to us. Let’s just hope we can bounce back for the game against the preds, another team very similar to us.

I was glad to see Tippett pull Bryz after three goals. Too many times Gretzky left him out there and he seemed to just give up (see such games as the 7-0 types against Chicago). Once Bryz is shook up, his confidence is shot and he’s mentally out of the game.

So in steps Jason. And he lets in four goals. Jeesh, can we at least get a back up that’s decent? Ok, Jason has played better then I expected but still…

And what did I say about Jovo in my last post? I wasn’t expecting it to happen the very next game though. Usually we get a few good games out of him after an injury or suspension. He was a -5 this game. Dude, you wear the A. STEP IT UP.

Ok, putting this game behind me know. I will never think of it again. Currently we are playing the Preds but the tv feed is on delay so I can’t watch it. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pac 10 stuff.

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