Bumpus kicked off team

Not good.


Not good at all.

Remember the inside word this summer when he was almost kicked out then? Well there you go. This was a bigger problem than we knew, I guess, but this might be a good thing for Bumpus. Much like it was good for Mark Fields, who if you remember flunked out as a sophomore and people thought he was gone forever, but he went and got his grades straightened out at a JC and came back for player-of-the-year and first-round NFL draft pick after his senior year. Leon Bender was the same deal, played great as a pup in 1994, then flunked out for 1995, but came back strong in 1996 and 1997. Bumpus is talented enough to play on Sundays, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY he has good people around him to keep his chin up and this won’t be the end. Maybe this is a bigger reason as to why all the JC WR’s, as well as the idea of losing Hill?

I’m starting to feel more confident on the Hawks as this week comes to a close. I’m too close to it and the heart always gets in the way of the head, and from the outside looking in, very few think a rested, heatlhy, #1 seed will lose to a #6 seed that barely got out of it’s own way to win last week. The experts that I’ve been listening to seem to have it nailed, and several outside the usual homer-pickers are saying it should be the Seahawks in a cake-walk.

I looked at last year’s NFC wildcard game that was similar to what the Redskins did last week, and the comparision is how the Rams went into Qwest Field and got the W when Engram failed to hold a TD pass on the last play from Hass. Everyone was pumped up on the Rams, hey, that offense sure looked good, watch out for the Rams! They went back on the road to #2 seed Atlanta and got absolutely BLOWN OUT!

The bottom line? It’s just almost too much to expect a low seed to go on the road in the playoffs in consecutive weeks and win, especially that second game where the high seed has rested and is ready to win at home no less. The NFL got this right, really, in rewarding the high seeds with rest and home-field advantage. The regular season, in hindsight, is just so GOD DAMN important! History bears this out.

So, I have a pretty good feeling right now that we’re going to win on Saturday and we’re going to the NFC Championship against Carolina. That might be the bad news though! Carolina is just about as complete as the Hawks, so just hope they get the absolute crap kicked out of them by the Bears and they have bruises on their bruises by the time they show up here.

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