Just over two days til game time and we have yet to hear from the ONE man who can answer all of our questions: the mighty Rooster who attended Saturday’s Brink-led Debacle.

When you look at the stats–especially nationally–the Cougs offensive production is not only scawey, its dominant…Running backs, receivers, and (cough! cough!) even a QB thats ranked in the top 20 nationally (at least i think brink is, harrison and hill are top 5).

Then you look at other indicators such as the Cougs’ opponents (and their opponents’ opponents’ records–hello BCS calculations!) and it just makes you wonder…(as an example, Boise State–the Beavs only other “semi quality’ win, just nipped Hawaii–yes the team that got BLITZED by the men of Troy and Michigan State–by a meager 3).

So, what is it Rooster? Was this a bad loss to a bad team that we will quickly shake of and dispell? Or was this an indication that the Cougs are a bad team that will struggle to finish even in the middle of an improved Crap-10?

Finally, what is your preference heading into the UCLA game? Is it better to have them beat th da Bears this weekend, or do you want them in at 4-1 and then onto back to back contests with TWO top 10 teams????

Inquiring cougfans want to know…you go Rooster! you go!

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