Calm Down.

25-21 with inconsistent starting pitching, a terrible bullpen, an infield who can’t do anything, a platoon outfielder who can’t hit lefties, and we’re 25-21.
I’ll take it.
How about that Jeter catch that everyone is saying he is God for? Oh My God. Cano goes after it, it’s his ball, but Jeter wants it, and he’s in a worse position. Injures Cano in the process, and that’s a great catch? Posada called it the best catch he’s ever seen.
Give me a BREAK. If Pokey Reese is a Yankee, he’s a DEITY by now.
Back to the topic – 25-21 is not terrible given our tribulations. Let’s all take a deep breath here. Our offense is sputtering, but it’s not dead. It’s trying to start up, and the engine will turn over eventually. Our starting pitching is now going to smooth out because we know Schilling is gone to the All-Star break. I’ve just felt there’s too many question marks and upheaval over the starting rotation, and perhaps this will stabilize everyone’s thought process.
The bullpen is better than this. End of story.
It’s Tim Wakefield v. Randy Johnson. Everyone take a breath, notice Randy Johnson isn’t a deity anymore and doesn’t strike people out as much, and notice Tim Wakefield wets his pants every time he faces the Yankees – he LOVES IT!

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